The crazy quiz gaga

This test is basically about you being a total psychopath because if you score a one hundred you are just there what does crazy stand for you ask ridiculous

Are you crazy do you have what it takes to make a hundred hmmmmmm I don't think so but if you decide to take the quiz you will find out and see if you can make it to one hundred

Created by: Chow

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone keeps asking you a question over and over and over again would you answer it?
  2. If someone comes in the bathroom while your pooping what do you do?
  3. You make a mistake and bite your tongue you?
  4. Someone yells at you you
  5. A boy touches your butt you
  6. You fail a test you
  7. You get your nails done and someone pushes you you
  8. Your mother tells you you cannot turn on the a.c you
  9. Your grandmother pee's up your bed you
  10. You get your hair braided and your mom say you have to get it done over before you go vacation you

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