Gaga Quizarazzi

Some people are deep thinkers, they look into things unlike some other people, which are careless and get caught and even though that may happen they just do it again which is silly. But the waiters are clever they wait for the perfect opportunity to do something, like researching Gaga!

Do you reckon before you took the quiz you would pass? did you think you'd get a score you'd not have thought of? or did you even get higher than you expected?! Anyway well done for everyone who took it, i just hope this raises the amount of fans and success she has! :)

Created by: Blaine

  1. How many minutes is the mini movie music video "Paparazzi"?
  2. How many beats per minute does pokerface have?
  3. Which other singer are like lady gaga musical wise?
  4. Who else is featured singing in just dance?
  5. Which single was released in America But not the UK?
  6. What is Pokerface?
  7. What special item is included in the super fame monster pack?
  8. What Is Lady Gagas Real First Name
  9. What Nationality Is Gaga?
  10. Which Year Was Gaga Born?
  11. Which Song is most likely to be released next?
  12. Now, did you enjoy the quiz?

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