The HARD Lady Gaga lyrics quiz!

Do you know the lyrics? Do you think you know Lady Gaga's songs? Well, find out right now with my quiz! What are you waiting for? please rate this quiz to tell me if you like it! Don't bother if I spelt some words incorrectly!

Are you a TRUE Lady Gaga fan? Don't know? This quiz will only take you a few minutes and then you'll know if you are a true Lady Gaga fan!So what are you waiting for? Take this quiz and find out! I hope you enjoy this and I wish you the best of luck!

Created by: Lorelei

  1. Finish these lyrics: Hey babe,I'm feelin' something kinda crazy,I know that we got something special,boy. But lately I've been feelin' naughtier______ (Out of control)
  2. Finish these lyrics: Don't be scared,I've done this before,show me your teeth____ (Teeth)
  3. Finish these lyrics: Why am I always the one who crashes every single time? Why am I always the one whose being chased by_____ (Monster)
  4. Finish these lyrics: I'm that b*tch you never wanna meet,I'm that kiss that makes you sneeze,I'm that girl with all those curls,my face is ___ I'm ____
  5. Name this song:
  6. Finish these lyrics: I can't believe how you looked at me with your ______ glossy eyes (Speechless)
  7. Finish these lyrics: we live a cute life,soundfematic,pants tight_____ honey but we got no money (Beautiful,dirty,rich)
  8. Name the song: Get back,bunny. It's getting cold in here little honey. We got a show to put on your dress,take a minute for us and relax,relax
  9. Fill in the correct lyrics: Your love is nothing I can't fight, can't sleep with the man who dims my shine.I'm in the bedroom with ___ and when I know your outside banging then I won't let you in
  10. Name the song: Hey there sugar baby saw you twice at the pop show,you taste just like glitter mixed with rock'n'roll, I like you alot-lot, think you're really hot-hot
  11. Who sings 'Starstruck' with Lady Gaga?

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