Are you a Lady Gaga Fan?

A test to see if you are one of Gaga's Little Monsters and need hiding away from polite society. 12 quick questions that everyone needs to ask themselves before they should be set free on twitter.

Lady Gaga apparently lives for the applause. Well she needs monsters to do that. Here is a quick test to find out if you should be buying multiple copies of her latest album or not.

Created by: Steve

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your favourite pop star releases an album, you -
  2. You chosen mode of transport is
  3. Your work job is
  4. Madonna deserves
  5. Gaga is
  6. You are in a room with 5 popstars, you have a gun and a bullet. Who gets it? (Its a SAW type scenario, someone MUST)
  7. Your feelings regarding art?
  8. A disco stick is
  9. You use twitter to
  10. The year is 2005, you are
  11. Gay rights and HIV Awareness

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Quiz topic: Am I a Lady Gaga Fan?