Hogwarts Marauder Era Love 2

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  1. "My name's Alex",the boy replied.When you studied him more closely,you saw that he looked like Taylor Lautner...^_^.But with honey coloured hair and brown eyes. "You are _______,right?" he asked."Yeah,how did you know?" you replied.Alex shrugged."I know these things" he said.The two of you left the hospital wing and went to the Great Hall for dinner.You both sat at the Slytherin table."You're in Slytherin?" you asked. "Nope",he replied.
  2. "Fair enough" you said.You began eating when you heard someone behind you sneer,"Who's your girlfriend,King?".Alex looked up and snarled "She's not my girlfriend Malfoy".You turned around around and saw a tall,pale boy with bleach blond hair.He stared at you for a second and then left."Who's that?" you asked Alex."No-one important",he sighed.After dinner,you and Alex walked up to the owlery.
  3. "Why'd Malfoy call you King?" you asked curiously."It's my surname" Alex replied.You nodded,removing the newspaper from you owl's leg.You looked at it and saw 'Seven muggles killed by You-Know-Who'.You sighed."Do you think he'll ever stop,or be stopped?" you asked Alex,showing him the paper.The edges of his mouth turned down when he read the headline."It doesn't look likely" he said,looking at you.
  4. When it got dark, you both went back into the castle."Goodnight" said Alex,smiling at you."Night" you replied,making him blush by kissing his cheek. You went back into the Slytherin common room and then to your dormitory. "Hi" you said to Meabh who was reading."Hi" she replied. "Where were you?" she asked."With a friend" you said,trying not to grin,but failing.Meabh raised an eyebrow."Who is he?" she asked."No-one!!" you said loudly. You both laughed and talked for a while longer and then went to bed.
  5. The next morning you went to breakfast and sat beside Remus at the Gryffindor table."Hey" you said."Hi" they all said together."where were you yesterday? We looked all over the place for you" said Remus."Where you ok?" asked James and Sirius."I'm fine.I was just with a friend" you replied.The lesson you had first was potions,which you dreaded because Slughorn was so....strange?. After a class of Slughorn being his annoying self,as you gathered up your stuff, he began talking to you.
  6. "I occasionally hold a dinner party Ms.Lopez,would you care to come this Saturday?" he said. You groaned inwardly."Eh,eh,I-I think quidditch tryouts are on Saturday" you said,praying it was true."Ah pity" said Slughorn.You nodded and rushed out of the classroom.You hurried to the Slytherin common room to check when the quidditch tryouts were.You sighed in relief when you saw that they were that Saturday.
  7. You grabbed your books for divination and walked there slowly.When you reached the classroom,the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw 5th years were leaving. Alex was with a group of his friends but came over to you."Hi" you said."Ravenclaw?"."Yeah" replied Alex,grinning."Stupid Ravenclaw" you hissed,narrowing your eyes.Alex's eyes widened in hurt and his face fell."Only JOKING!!" you laughed,hugging Alex to reassure him.He grinned and sighed in relief,hugging you back.You waved and went to divination.
  8. In divination,you sat next to Remus and James.When you woke up-um,I mean when the class ended,your head was on James's shoulder and his was on your head."Sorry!" you laughed."It's ok!" James said,looking happy."Remus,I think you're the only one who listens in Divination"said Sirius,looking at the notes Remus had taken."Its actually quite interesting!" replied Remus eagerly.
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