Hogwarts Love Story Pt. 38 - The REAL one

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So, as we get our memory back, we're going to have some new memories! I wonder how that will work? But with these guys, everything is fine! Don't you think?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. "Nice song, Angel" A voice from behind said, you instantly knew it was by the given name "Angel". You turned around and smiled at Oliver who was in his casual clothes since he was no longer a student at Hogwarts. You were flustered that someone had heard you but you didn't seem to mind all that much knowing it was him. "That's a nice song." He smiled as he gestured his hand out and then taking it back. "Thanks." You smiled, you didn't know what he meant to you but you knew there was something from the letters.
  2. "Hey, uhm, Oliver? Right?" You asked and he nodded, you were relieved you got his name right. "I found these letters in my room, from you. Uhm, what happened between you and me?" Oliver grimaced at your words which sense there was a lot that happened between the both of you. "You did, did you? Well, we used to date." Your eyes widen and you blushed "But...?" You said meekly which brought a smile to his face. "I graduated and it was a mutual agreement that we would break up, since we were so far apart," He looked down and then walked his way over to you "but, that didn't work out so well because I still have feelings for you...and we had a fight." There were so many questions you wanted to ask but you started out with the basics “How old are you?” "I'm 19." He laughed and your eyes widen more "You & I dated? But you're 4 years older than..." "That didn't stop you before, Angel."
  3. "Okay, new question..." You said as you blushed, he laughed "How long did we date?" Oliver's face darkened and he laughed "Half a year.” That seemed like a long time, you turned around and sat on the window sill, Oliver leaned against the stone wall. “Oh.” You blurted out; he smiled and turned around giving you a side view of his face. His hair was perfectly messy and his chocolate brown eyes were exactly how you remembered them. “So, Angel…” You then said, he turned his face three-quarters to you and raised his eyebrow “Why do you call me that?” His eyebrows flinched and then he just smiled, he crossed his arms and turned to face you. “Well, the way you fell off your broom during you accident, was graceful, reminded me of a fallen angel, and don’t you think it has a nice ring to it? I mean, it does fit.” He wondered to himself, you laughed at his explanation. “Fallen Angel? What ? I have no wings?” “You do. You woke up after all but since you lost your memory, I feel like you lost the reason to fly again since you’re restrained.” You tilted your head away from Oliver and knew that he was right. You stretched out your arms “Well, I can’t wait to fly again!” When you stretched out your arms, you forgot the window was open which made half your body fall out; Oliver quickly jumped out of his spot and grabbed your hands to pull your close. “I think that will have to wait.” He said as your face was buried into his chest, you couldn’t help but to blush.
  4. He smelled like peppermint, somehow this scent was familiar to you. You grabbed on to Oliver’s white t-shirt that he wore with his navy blue jeans. He helped you down and when you were on your feet, you were still in his arms. He chuckled as he brushed a piece of your hair out of your face. He pulled his hands away and placed his hands into his pockets. “Hey, I was about to go see Draco, wondering how he was doing with the potion. Do you want to accompany me?” You nodded mainly because you were wondering how he was progressing as well and you wanted to thank him.
  5. You arrived in the Dungeons where it was dark and had a familiar eerie feel, you could hear boiling water, glasses hitting against each other from a room with an open door. Oliver was the first to enter and he knocked with the knuckle of his index finger. “Draco?” He called out, when you stuck your head in; you saw Draco with his back face towards you scurrying at a table filled with vials, substances and ingredients. You and Oliver walked over, this was the first time you got a good look at Draco ever since you woke up; he was exactly how he was when you saw him in the “in between”. “Someone wants to say “hi”” Oliver said as he pushed you forward, Draco raised his eye and nodded but then he took a double take. He dropped a vial and moved back completely embarrassed. “Sorry!” You called out but he turned around while scratching the back of his head. “It’s fine! That wasn’t an important ingredient anyways.” He smiled and you nodded. “So, how’s the potion going?” Oliver asked. Draco seemed proud as he gestured to a cauldron that was over a hot red flame. “It’s going well, but sadly, this potion is as complex as Professor Snape said. I’m probably only a quarter done the potion but Professor Snape said my speed is impeccable. It would have taken a rookie at least a week to be there I would be.” “Thank you, no really, thank you. What you’re doing for me is incredibly sweet. I’m sorry for being such a burden.”
  6. Draco’s eyes widen and his mouth dropped. “No! You’re not a burden! This is the least I could do!” He said in a rather panic fashion, you blinked as you place your hands on the table. “This seems like an awful lot…” Oliver was silent as he stared down to the floor; Draco looked over at the table and laughed “It’s worth it though. Someday, you’ll be able to remember.” You looked over at him and furrowed your brow. “Why do I get the feeling, you enjoy doing these kinds of things?” “Because he does.” Oliver blurted out and looked over his shoulder at Draco, Draco turned a faint pink. “We owe a lot to him.” “Why?” You asked as you looked from Oliver to Draco, Draco didn’t want to say anything and Oliver laughed and shook his head. “I was under a love potion and it was during we were dating but I was “in love” with a different girl, he saved me. He invited me to the Yule Ball where I could share a dance with you which was after I graduated and, he’s been watching over you ever since.” You smiled at Draco and gave him a hug; his hands weren’t around you as he was stunned. “Thanks.” You could sense Oliver’s eyes upon you but he didn’t mind. He would have done the same thing.
  7. You left Draco to get back to work; you and Oliver walked around the castle as he casually helped you reminisce your Third year and parts of last year and this year. As you were walking, you watched as Ebony and JJ walked over to you and smiled at Oliver, JJ gave a smile at Oliver who received it rather awkwardly. “What?” JJ complained after being nudged in the stomach by Ebony. “What’s up?” You asked, they grabbed you by both arms and whisked you away without any explanation. You watched as Oliver became a smaller figure, he followed though. “Do you mind?” Ebony barked at him, Oliver stuck out his tongue. “Can we have a moment just for girls?” He stopped and smiled. “That’s all you had to say. I’ll catch you later, Angel.” He waved and headed the opposite direction. “Angel?” JJ asked, you sighed but tried to hide the blush. The placed you at your house table, some of the Ravenclaws got annoyed that JJ was sitting there but she taunted them to do something about it; no one said anything. “So, what is it?” You asked, JJ pulled out a bunch of flash cards with pictures of the boys faces. “What is this…?” You tried not to laugh; you went through to see all the boys. “It’s a way to get your memory back!” JJ smiled but you pushed them away, Ebony laughed “I told you she wouldn’t be interested in them.” JJ mocked Ebony and arranged them properly. “Wouldn’t it be better if I get to know the boys by actually talking to them?” “No! Because we’ll have another accident and the next time you’re lying down, it’ll be in your coffin.” Your eyes widen and Ebony slapped her face. JJ looked at them confused.
  8. “She’s demented, don’t listen to her. All we’re saying is-ugh, it’s so loud in here.” Ebony said as she blocked the sound coming in from her left ear with her hand by resting on it. “All we’re saying is don’t spend ALL your time with the guys because before your accident, you were fighting with literally, almost everyone and it bothered you so much; that’s why you crashed.” Ebony explained gently, you made an unsure face and sighed. “But they seem like they’re putting all of that aside to help me recover.” You made a pouty face, Ebony sighed but then JJ warned her. “Don’t give in to that!” JJ said. You were starting to tear up. “I just want things to go back to the way they were.” Ebony gave JJ a look which made her groaned. “Okay, fine! At least, let us tell you who to be careful for…” You were going to ask but she was already sorting through the flashcards. On the left were Oliver, the Twins’, Neville, Harry, Ron and Draco. You were happy that you remembered all their names but you were still putting together what they mean to you and then you look to your right, to see Cedric. “What?” “Stay away from Cedric.” JJ blurted out, you blinked hard at her but Ebony had no objection to it. “Why?” In your mind, all you could make out was Cedric having a short temper. “It’s best if you don’t.” After that, JJ and Ebony left and you were alone.
  9. You wondered why they told you to stay away from Cedric, you haven’t seen him around that much after you woke up but you can’t help but have a sudden curiosity that drives you towards him, you just hope it doesn’t backfire on you. “Hey.” A voice inside your head called out, you looked around but no one was near you but then you realize “You can talk to me through my thoughts too?” You answered mentally; you could hear a chuckle at the back of your head. “Yeah, don’t worry. Now, that you know I can read your thoughts. I won’t do that unless I’m allowed. I’ll just talk, if that’s okay.” It was Reese’s voice, he was communicating with you, and you guessed he was using Legilimency. “I don’t mind. So, where are you?” You answered. It felt weird since you were talking by thought and no one knew; it made you feel that you’ve gone insane. “By Hagrid’s hut, I’m with my friends. There isn’t much going on.” He responded. You didn’t know what exactly what he was doing since he was only communicating to you by thought. “Shouldn’t you leave me to talk with your friends?” You could hear his laugh echo in your head; it was dying down till he responded “Sorry, Cedric made a joke.” Your eyes widen by the hearing Cedric’s name. “Do you usually laugh inside your head?” “Well, I didn’t laugh in person. I don’t want to let him know he’s actually funny because he’s trying too hard and it’s amusing.” You laughed but it was actually in person but you wondered, maybe it was a good idea to see Cedric, I mean what better way to find out what happened is to ask from the source himself. “Hey, is it alright if I come visit you at the-““Hey ______.” One of the Twins appeared in front of you but the problem was you didn’t know who. “______?” Reese’s voice echoed in your head, you stare d at the Twin before you snapped out of it. “Sorry Reese, can we talk later?” “Sure.” You waited for a few minutes because you were unsure if he actually left or if he was just quiet. There were no signs that he was there.
  10. “Oh, Hey there!” You smiled at the Twin, he asked if he could take a seat and you nodded; the sad part was, you didn’t want to ask “Which twin are you?” Because, well that would be rude and that was the last thing you wanted to be. “How you holdin’ up?” He asked, you shrugged and told him you had better days. “That’s good. You’re a pretty resilient girl! Whenever you fell down, you would get right back up!” You smiled which made the Twin smile. “Hey, where’s your brother?” You asked, hoping he would mention the name and then you could get the idea of who you were talking to. “Ron? He’s doing his Prefect duty. I don’t know.” He stuck out his tongue and you wanted to slap yourself “No, the other one…” You said as politely and not obviously as you can but the Twin noticed the struggle you were having. “Oh, you mean my Twin? Do you know who I am?” He asked with a playful laugh, you cursed under your breath and shook your head. He smiled and laughed “I wouldn’t blame you, having amnesia and trying to remember everyone’s name all over again and it makes it worst that we’re twins.” You held back a laugh as he didn’t realize that everything he said was true. “Well, are you going to tell me or not?” You asked, he shrugged which made you a little irritated. “Why?” You asked “Because I’m having too much fun. Wait till-Hey, nice try.” “Nice try what?” “You were trying to make me tell you who I am but that’s not going to work!” “I wasn’t thinking that at all.” “Really?” “Really!” “Sure, think you can pull one over on-“
  11. OKAY GUYS, this is the REAL Pt. 38. Yeah, I made an idiotic mistake because it was 9pm and I wanted to get it up before I got kicked off the computer. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I really love the banter and playfulness in this release. I think Reese and Oliver are my number ones! And, guys, let’s play a game? Post which Twin you think it is! I just really want to see who you all come up with! Okay, I really need to post another chapter of that 1D story! So, I leave you here! (:

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