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  • @all who take natuhleegayle's Hogwarts Love Story quizzes.

    Can we have a moment of silence in respect for Fred Weasley?

    He died while laughing.
    Sad I know.

    He was the funniest guy (besides his brother) that I ever knew.

    Today, May 2, 1998, he died. In an explosion caused by a Death Eater.

    Us Hogwarts fans (and especially me) Will miss him. :'(

    But remember that he's probably in the after life, making people like him laugh!!

    A great man, a twin, a friend, and a heck of a prankster!

    Love ya buddy!! Always will!! :)
    Your Best Buddy,
    Sage Parson

    Sage Parson
  • @Sage Parson - the fact I needed to make a whole new comment just for you, LOL. Okay, time to answer!

    To friend #1: LOL. s'allgood! And don't worry, I know you're extremely excited!

    To friend #2: No problem! I'm happy to help :)

    To your brother: aweee :$ thanks! I'm still so happy, my writing appealed to a guy! And, I'm happy to do it! It's no trouble at all! But I need a character description of your character, so the main character can walk in and see Luna an Martin ;) just email it to me or ask your sis to do it; rawrnedly@hotmail(. )com ! No brackets :)

    Anytime you have a question! Haha! Well, once he mentioned it, the idea popped into my head and I wanted to put it in! As well as it being a way to show my gratitude that he likes my quizzes! And the Hunger Games was emotionally powerful for me! They're both amazing works of literature! I'm writing a hunger games series upon request (okay guys, no more series request! Only those three!) If you read the book, it's amazing! Depending on socializing scenes, I really don't like them if they talk a lot, I mean, I think one of the Harry Potter movies didn't appeal since it was all talking. The violence just symbolizes the morality of how everyone has gone insane and this world is corrupted, well in my point of view.

  • @HPlover - LOL! Honestly, I couldn't tell them apart as well. The time I told them apart was when George got injured. How terrible I am. Thank you so much :) Hehe! I didn't expect it at first till it was suggested by the lovely @ayamesho!

    @WTF_ NINJA - Hehe! Can't wait to write the next part! Haha, seriously? I'm glad that it's getting better even when I feel it's not good enough & LOL, what? ._.

  • @natuhleegayle I just realized something really cool; both your quiz series are about us falling in love with a British boy! (except for Reese though..that is IF he counts as a guy in that way) ;D . Really? you made the quizzes with your phone and ipod?!? Well i do TAKE all your quizzes with my phone and COMMENT you with it but isn't making a quiz with a phone hard? Also i don't know what you mean by HGLS o.O I wonder if its something obvious...then I'll feel stupid ._.

    Anyways can't wait for next part of both your quizzes. Seriously i want to take them so badly >.< ^_^ :) =3 xD (the face attack!!!! 030 )

  • @Orange_Juice - Don't worry! I love long comments, they're my favorite type of comments because I get to read! Yay, more love for Reese! And well, George will have feelings for you but I don't know if you will have feelings for him. Well, it's just an opinion say but yeah, I guess :) I'm thinking of a new contest! But school is being an a-hole :(

    @WTF_NINJA - Oh! LOL Yeah, that monkey barfing rainbow thing kind of freaked me out.

    @Obssions01 12 - Oops! Im sorry! Haha! :)

    @Sage Parson - LOL. Ron is hardly ever chosen!

    To Friend 1: And well, I'm kind of having fun with the idea she gave me but I still have to keep the main character's personality open for EVERYONE. So, I really can't do much of it rather than give you some interaction with George.

    To Friend 2: Haha! We'll find out in Pt...well, let's keep it a surprise :)

    To your brother: Hey there! I think you're the FIRST guy who ever liked my quizzes! Thank you (:

    And to you, thank you sooooo much :)

    @HogwartsLove - I'm glad that you liked that banter! And, he is certainly the smoothest character of them all :)

    @Jayla - LOL, when you said you hated it, my reaction was "Ouch, right in the creativity." But omggg, more love for Reese! We need to have a Reese appreciation day people!

  • Oh! Didn't I tell you?

    I was on GTQ at school. And this girl who really wants to be my friend, thought it would be funny to type that rude comment.

    She went on and said that, while I asked a teacher a question...

    Sh e saw the Hunger Games comments. And said the comment about the "socializing" thing.

    I apologize for her actions!!

    Sage Parson

    Hahahaha! ! Im cracking up! This part was funny..in a good way :) LOL Reese xD He could be 'my' number one American best guy friend!! Aww Draco =3 So adorable :D WHICH ONE OF THE TWINS IS IT!?!?!? It could be Fred since he likes 'me' and probably would want to spend more time with 'me' but on the other hand it could be George aswell since he IS a good friend and probably wants to help 'me' by being funny and all AND since 'me' will like him in the future('I' am going to like George in the future right?). Any way i love both twins SO MUCH that i don't mind talking to either of them. Does that mean i entered the contest/game thing??? Well i just said my opinion so..yeah i guess that's all i have to say.

    Can't wait for the other parts of BOTH quizzes!!! :D :) =3

  • @AiFiahK3mE - Don't worry! I know EXACTLY how you feel! The same thing happened to me and it's sad cause he's graduating and wah. But hopefully, you will tonight!

    @angeli c4 - Alright! We need more Reese :)

    @Orange_Juice - LOL. Really? Wow, I'm sorry! Since I'm in school and I can't update :P

  • I noticed that other than guesses, there's a lot of questions... So let me answer,

    @WTF_NIN JA - Yeah, I'm actually pretty used to it. I don't mind all that much!

    @Orange_Ju ice - haha! I work on them while I can. HLS, I write on my phone; 1DLS, I write on my ipod and I'm planning a HGLS on paper. All the awards if you guess that last one !

    @Sage Parson - woah, the questions though! LOL.

    To you: LOL, what? Now, I'm confused ...

    To friend 1: Haha! Yeeep! You will but idk when! :)

    To friend 2: She's writing her own or planning? I'd love to read it and my inspiration? Well, I listen to a lot of instrumentals when I'm out on the go. I just listen to music and I usually come up with something. The best ideas come at the oddest moments, I was tying my shoes to leave for school when I thought of the death of one of my characters and doing homework while doing the specials. My advice: don't force it.

    To your brother: challenge accepted! LOL, you can end up with Luna at the end of it all ? (:

    Thanks! LOL, your friends & brother make me laugh!

  • @AiFiahK3mE - maybe he represents Oliver? Idk! But that is honestly kind of weird.

    @5thMarau der - It's fine! I'll work on it now! Sorry, I took a nap :$

    @Sage Parson - It was rude? I thought it was your opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's fine, I wasn't offended? :P

  • @prep24 - Yeah, I'm REALLY sorry about that. It took me a good 10 minutes to realize it, thanks for @amazingfulyweird :D ! Thank you so much! And well, I really don't know. I'm never exact with dates :)

    @Evenstar - Hehe! Find out next release! I really do like the moments with Reese but I really need to include the other 4 guys into the story, so Reese has to take a break and we'll find out :)

    @mcqueen - We'll find out next release :)

    @Obssions0112 - I'm sorry, what little surprise? D: ! And nice deducing skills! And thank you :)

    @xxblutixx - LOL. Yay! And I know but Draco hasn't been a jerk at all in my series, Cedric on the other hand! They are! I love Reese and Oliver! They're too cute and LOL! I don't know how that idea came to mind but it amused me.

    @Aria - LOL. How so? And don't worry! I'll hopefully post up the other one later this week after I post Pt. 3!

    @_ViolaLover_ - I'm sorry! I felt like I was rambling so I just had to end it somewhere! Haha, that's true! I think that's one way of telling the Twins' apart!

    @amazingfulywei rd - We'll find out :D

    @EPicz - Thank you! And I really don't know, honestly, since Draco is like 1/4 done the potion; I hope soon because I need to get back with Year 5 and the actual stuff that happened! Yay! More love for Reese! :)

  • It's Geo-Fre-Geo... it's George XP interesting that Cedric was put in the no-no category out of all people, and Draco wasn't... Then again, Draco is the sweetest man ever ;) Oliver is so aborable though :3 and Reese is pretty chill. Ebony and JJ are great best friends; they crack me up XP flashcards...

  • @natuhleegayle Yes he does ^-^ Sadly, I didn't dream about him. Well, not that I can remember. Actually, I dreamt about a guy I've never talked to. Well, I've said one sentence to him. But it's still weird, dreaming about someone who've you talked to only once...

  • @natuhleegayle Yup, add me to the Reese fan club xD I wonder how will the twins fight with each other... Also id love to enter a new contest(mostly because i couldn't enter in the last 2 contests).

    Counting seconds for the next part of HLS and 1DLS ^-^

  • @AiFiahK3mE - I know! Every time you fall, Oliver always catches you :D

    @Orange_Juice - Oh trueee! They're all British! Well, I plan it out and write it on my phone then email it and work on the rest on the computer. And HGLS is Hunger Games Love Story! Haha :)

  • Oh! And yeah, I saw the movie adaptation of Hunger Games! It's actually suppose to be violent; it really defeats the purpose of the book if it wasn't. It was beautiful though and sad. I cried a few times.

  • Woah, LOL. Uhm, time to answer the comments !

    @5thMarauder - I changed it to Life in the Hunger Games because everyone dies, not much love...

    @AiFiahK 3mE - Aweeee! That's actually so cute! I can actually see Oliver as a guardian angel! He has that sort of protective and gentle side to him :') I hope you do!

    @Calypso1315 - "Reading 1D quiz again." omgggg, LOL. I'm working on it. :( I took a long nap.

    @Aria - LOL, idk how I feel you marrying my husband. KIDDING! I'll attend your wedding and in some alternate world, he's my husband :$

    @noelle520 - thanks girl (:

  • Forgot to say something when I stated my guess of which twin it was.

    Oh my god, Oliver saved me AGAIN :3 Tht only makes me see him as a guardian angel more ^-^ And, for a few, short seconds, I was in his arms again :'> But then he let me go -.- Sigh...



    Friend #2: The twins...*looks at me* Wanna switch results? (Me: BE MY GUEST!! (: ) YES!! WHAT THE HECK?! WHICH TWIN IS IT?!

    My brother: *long pause* Hm! Cool! *walks away*

    You've outdone yourself again, natuhlee!! :) Can't wait for 39!! :)

    Until then, Chao!! XP

    Sage Parson
  • Anyone here see the Hunger Games? I saw it.

    The makers basically said: "Let's switch the "socializing" scenes with violent scenes!! That's much better!!"

    Pers onally, I would've rather seen the "socializing" scenes...

    Lol! :)

    Sage Parson
  • @natuhleegayle
    M y friends and I have some questions:

    Me: So...my characters going to be a main character??? I'm confused...lol! :)

    Friend #1: Will Harry and I ki-I mean...uh...wait a sec, yeah! Will Harry and I kiss? LOL!

    Friend #2: My lazy friend, Sage, can't think of anything for her Love Story quizzes (not about Hogwarts) (Me: DUDE!! DON'T TELL HER THAT!! IT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A SHMEH WITH NO IDEAS!!) That's exactly what it is!! How do you get your inspiration?

    Bro ther: Can we pretend Luna dates a guy named Martin Hagrid? XP (Me: My brother's FC is the "addopted son of Hagrid". You don't have to use the idea!!) I know, I'm just joking!! *Sage walks away* No dude, seriously. Can you make that happen? LOL!

    My bros just kidding!! :) These comments were actually written by my friends and brother!! :) They love your quizzes (well my brother in the literature way and my besties in the HP boyfriend way...) :)

    @rosecat Chao! I use that term as an inside joke for my quizzes. I do Sonic the Hedgehog Love Stories. In the STH series, there are creatures called Chao (It can be plural without the "s".). I also read it can be used as a saying for "Good-bye!" or "See ya!".

    So yeah...its an inside joke!! XP :)

    Sage Parson
  • @natuhleegayle H-Hunger Games Love Story??? I think im gonna spend all my life taking your quizzes from now on. But to be honest, i haven't seen The Hunger Games movie nor i haven't read the books. I just saw the trailer and read about it in Wikipeadia. But I'll take the quiz anyways. :)

  • Great quiz yet again! You always manage to amaze me with your fantastic skills! I think Reese is pretty awesome and I can't wait until the next part! As always, I'll be looking.

  • @rosekat - Thank you very much! :) Hehe! When you said "chaos" I thought you meant chaotic but then yeah, I realized @Sage Parson meant Ciao as in the Spanish term for bye.

  • I. Love this. The banter was defiantly something I died over. And I actually forgive Oliver. He's too easy to fall for, for real. I can't waitfor the next one! George?


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