We could write a bad romance: The Prologue

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Hey guys. So, I know I SHOULD be writing my other multiple series, but I couldn't help myself. I just HAD to get this out, because if I didn't, I'd end up forgetting it.

So, backstory. Yesterday, I was going to Walmart, and Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance" started playing on the radio, so naturally, I did what I do best, and annoyed the heck outta my aunt by singing it in the car. Then, the idea of this story just popped into my brain place, so... Yeah.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh, Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh, oh-oh-oh, Caught in a bad romance, Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooohOh-oh-oh-oh-oooh, oh-oh-oh, Caught in a bad romance," Lady Gaga's voice boomed through the stereo, the static buzzing throughout each of her words, yet it seemed to only make her sound better. " You and me could write a bad romance," I belted out, my eyes fluttering shut as I tried to imagine that I was her, my boyfriend, Jaymes, cheering me on as he continued to swerve his Lamborghini through the traffic.
  2. As the song continued to play, I began to get more into it, my heart racing as she finished the final line, leaving me desperate for more. I quickly leaned over to the radio, flipping through the stations until it finally landed on 'Shallow,' by Lady Gaga. " Come on Jay, you have to sing this with me!" I pled, his blue eyes flashing with fear as he shook his head. " Not happening, Nati. We can't all be singers like you."
  3. " Please, Jaymes! You can be my Bradley Cooper and I can be your Lady Gaga." I pled, pressing my fingertips on his leather jacket that he insisted on wearing, although it didn't match his outfit. " Fine, but I expect you to know I'm an awful singer." " How do I know you aren't just acting?" I teased, knowing good and well he really couldn't sing, but hey -- it's fun to tease my actor boyfriend. Yup, you heard right. He's an actor -- a good one too.
  4. " I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I'll never meet the ground, Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us, We're far from the shallow now," we sung out together, his pitchy voice blending in with my smooth sultry one. " Cincinnati, tell me how you do it. Tell me how you win me over everytime I see your face."
  5. His blue eyes slowly gazed into mine, my eyes fluttering shut as I gave a shy shrug, amazed at his beautiful words. " I dunno, maybe it's just cuz when --" I started, a horn honking loudly. Jaymes quickly looked up, resembling a deer caught in headlights as he saw the horrific scene in front of us.
  6. A semi-truck roared towards us, Jaymes's tires squealing as he swerved across the road, the side of the vehicle grazing the fiery asphalt before the car flipped and burst into flames. " Jaymes!? Jay!?" I cried out near tears, my flesh burning as I scrambled closer to his unconscious body, giving his shoulder a rough shake. " Jaymes, please! Get up!" I pled, pressing my lips against his melting flesh, gaining no response.
  7. Tears dribbled down my chin as I gave his burnt nose a kiss, his skin ashen and burnt to a crisp. The skin beneath his whirlpool blue eyes seemed to disintegrate in my touch, flakes peeling off as I stared in horror, unable to move. A gentle breeze kissed my skin, fighting against the roaring flames that licked our skin vengefully. " Jaymes, please. Get up, please!" I pled through the salty tears that fell against my tongue. No. No this can't be real. It can't be.
  8. Sirens wailed around us as I coughed raspily, my lungs drowning in the smoke that blanketed over us. I'm not going down without a fight. " Help!" I screeched through coughs. " Hang on! Hang on!" a voice yelled through the roaring fire, yet I didn't know if they'd get to us in time. " Jay? Jay! Wake up! Please!" I sniveled through sobs, my limbs aching as I attempted to pull my body into a kneeling position, succeeding.
  9. " Miss! Stay calm!" the voice outside of the vehicle demanded, my bottom lip trembling as water spritzed across the flames, sizzling sparks going of as my skin touched the water. " He's not moving! He's dead --" I sobbed loudly. My jaymes was gone. Dead. Deceased.
  10. As I sobbed over his lifeless body, a large hand grasped my burnt shoulder, indicating that they were trying to help me out. " Okay, okay. Stay calm, it'll all be over soon." the voice soothed me. Yeah, sure. Whatever they say is a lie. This isn't over.
  11. Sunlight slowly washed over me as the hand pulled my limp body from the Lamborghini, yet all I wanted was to burn with Jaymes. " Miss? Miss, what's your name? Address? Age?" the person questioned, taking me into his arms bridal style. " Cin-Cincinnati West. I-i live on Lafayette street, 431. I'm... I'm eighteen." I wheezed, feeling the overwhelming wish to just close my eyes. " Cincinnati, stay with me! Cmon!" his voice shouted as I slowly slipped out of consciousness.
  12. As I began to lose consciousness, Lady Gagas voice drifted through my mind, her words echoing throughout my head. " you and me could write a bad romance"
  13. ***CLIFFHANGER***
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