Level me up to junior!

Level me up everybody! Lots of users on here, and I'm just another one that wants to level up. And I'm close, so help me please. Besides, you might have fun.

Alright, it's like a get-to-know me quiz. Sort of. Who knows? Help me out, I'll help you out. And thanks for even clicking on this quiz. Also take my otherwise, they're more serious.

Created by: Stardust1
  1. Ok this is a fun (hopefully) quiz where we can have a nice conversation, right? So, hi.
  2. This has to be in every quiz. What's your favorite color?
  3. Down or up?
  4. Black or white?
  5. Let's have fun. Imagine 4 objects: a cat, a broom, a mirror, and a jar of pickles. How would you combine it all?
  6. Are you fast at eating?
  7. Dance or sing?
  8. Do you like the Lord of the Rings movies?
  9. Do you like Star Wars?
  10. Last question! Was this a good quiz?

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