My level up quiz!

Welcome to my quiz. This is a level up quiz. I must get to junior. So thank you for taking this. I highly appriciate it. I hope this quiz will make me junior. It probably won't but hey, I've gotta try!

Maybe you will be the one to make me junior. I bet you will be. Feel free to take my other quizzes if you wish. I hope you have fun! Just scrool down and answer the questions.

Created by: fluffywaffle

  1. I like waffles.
  2. Are you a potatoe?
  3. I wanna get to junior.
  4. I'm bored.
  5. I hate pineapple.
  6. Will you rate?
  7. Will you coment?
  8. Did you like this?
  9. Have a nice day.
  10. Bye!

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