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I saw some other users doing this, and thought it was a good idea. I'll include them in my next shoutouts quiz. So, currently, I'm a novice, and I REALLY want to be a junior, but it's taking forever to get there.

That's where you guys come in! The more people who take this quiz, rate it four or five stars, and comment, the sooner I will become a junior. How this works, is the answer will always be the bottom one. So the people who actually take the time to READ THE INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPHS get a good score.

Created by: Vampirina
  1. Read the introduction paragraphs.
  2. Hi.
  3. Thank you for taking this quiz.
  4. I REALLY want to be a junior.
  5. ...
  6. @@@
  7. ***
  8. Please rate this quiz high.
  9. Please comment
  10. Take my other quizzes!
  11. Join the io Vee Clan!
  12. Bye!

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