I just want to level up. There is honestly no point in taking this quiz. I just really want to be a junior so badly! It's going to take a long time though. I'm about just under a quater of the way through the novice bit!

It's just so annoying a frustrating. It's just like, why can't my bar just move up! Ugh, I wish I knew how to skip these stupid paragraphs! LIFE ISN'T FAIR!!!!!

Created by: HugsAndKisses

  1. Just to let you know, I'm making this quiz to help me level up. I'll probably make another pne after this. Ok?
  2. Yeah, you don't really have to take it. You can take it if you're really bored though.
  3. I've had two quizzes this week on the top of the todays top movers quiz.
  4. On the last question I ment on the list, not on the quiz.
  5. I hate this.
  6. Just skip.
  8. La la la la la...
  9. Why are you even still here!
  10. Yes, it's finally over!

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