How Well Do Know Shopkins

How well do you think you know Shopkins? This is a quiz to test your expertise level. This is a quiz intended for people who are already semi-masters, so if you score badly, it is okay. Remember, with a bit of practice, you can become genius!

There are 21 questions in this quiz, and some of them are very advanced. If you do not know the answer, just pick it randomly. So, with this quiz, you can test your level of perfection in the world of Shopkins is just a couple of minutes. Thanks! Enjoy!

Created by: Riley
  1. Which Shopkin is not in season 1?
  2. Select which Shopkin is limited edition, season 1.
  3. Which Shopkin is not found in 2 packs?
  4. Which Shopkin has a code of #2-097?
  5. Wobbles comes in 2 colors. Which 2 colors?
  6. What team is Sarah Softner in?
  7. Can Pineapple Crush have a blue flower?
  8. What is the number of seeds that Melonie Pips has on her front side?
  9. What rarity is Sally Shakes?
  10. What series is Candy Kisses?
  11. What color is #1-003?
  12. Where can you get Coco Nutty?
  13. Which hand does Rolly Roll hold the knife in, if you are face-to-face with her?
  14. Is Hot Apple Pie exclusive, rare, or common?
  15. Which Shopkin am I describing? 1. Comes in purple and reddish-pink 2. Belongs in team Cleaning and Laundry 3. Is ultra-rare
  16. Which of the following Shopkins has the classic finish?
  17. Can Chee Zee be found in a 2 pack?
  18. Does Dollops have a code of #1-078?
  19. Which Kooky Cookie has yellow shoes?
  20. Who is Chloe Flower's best friend?
  21. Juicy Orange's best friend is...

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