How well do you know your Shopkins

Please is about Shopkins I am an ultimate cookie collector if I do say so myself I think I'm awesome and so are I may not know you but everybody has to agree so afraid of them and even if you're a bully which I know you might you are always going to shine bright

Okay maybe if you are a genius it doesn't matter you're always going to great time this is going to be awesome I just know if you're going to do well and I just don't know how in the world that I just know because I believe in you

Created by: Kacie
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  1. What was the season one shopkins special edition Shopkins
  2. What is lippy lips
  3. What is penny pincel
  4. What is rub a glove
  5. What is penny pen
  6. Cindy ?
  7. ?blossom
  8. What is have the season of birthday Betty
  9. What was the season of the corn Cobb
  10. What is scrubs in

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Shopkins