Thank You So Much For The Support (Shoutouts)

This Is My Third Shout Out Quiz. So This Will Be A Little Short. There Will Be Another One Next Month. The People Who Got Shoutouts May Or May Not Be In The Next One. It Will Depend If I Find Some New People Who Are Cool! Everyone Is Awesome Tho!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! I'm Trying To Get To Junior Or At Least Senior. It Would Help Out A Lot! Don't Forget That You Are Awesome! And Have A Great Day Girl/Man!

  1. I Just Wanna Say, Thanks For All The Support I Am Getting for My Hard Work.
  2. I Was Hoping To Get To Junior! And I'm So Close!
  3. You Guys Are Awesome! And I Have All The Thanks In The World. So That's Why I'm Also Doing Shout Outs! I Know I Said I Would Wait Till May But I Can't Freaking Hold It In You Guys Are Awesome!
  4. Our First Shoutout Is, Sonic Tails Lf! You Were The First Person Who Commented On My First Quiz, And You Were My First Friend On Here! I Just Want To Say That You Are Very Awesome And Weird! And Keep Making People Happy!
  5. The Next Shoutout Is, Derecho! You Were The Second Person That I Got Along With And You Made Me Smile With Your Comments! You Are A Very Funny Person Who Is Amazing!
  6. Now We Have, My_Wolves! Your Kindness Is Through The Roof And You Seem Like A Very Funny Person! With A Bit Of Weirdo! (No Offense) And I Think we Would Get Along!
  7. Next Is, Tremendus, De Sus One In De Gang! (I Figured You Like Among Us) You Are A Very Funny Person And Very Sus Too? You Act Suspicious. (I'm Just Kidding) And You Are Awesome!
  8. The Next Shoutout Is Accalia123! You Seem Very Kind And Heartwarming! Definitely Someone I Could Get Along With! You Are Also Very Funny To My Eyes!
  9. The Next Shoutout Is Krazygirl! From What I See, You Are A Kind And Very Funny Person. You Act Like Everything Is Ok During Kaylah's Madness! I Bet We Would Get Along!
  10. Next We Have, Cinnamon_Roll! You Are A Very Cheery Person! And I We Get Along A Lot! I Bet We Would Totally Get Along! You Are So Funny! Hehe.
  11. Next We Have, Elly1Everything! You Seem Very Down When I Talk To You, But I Know You Are Very Happy Deep Down And Inside, And You Are Fun To RP With! We Have Gotten Along So Well, So That's Why You Get A Shoutout!
  12. Next We Have, Cloudy_Dxys! You Seem Evry Calming In My Perspective. Definitely Someone Who People Can Get Along With! Never Give Up Hope Too!
  13. Now A Shoutout To Cats17! You Are A Very Funny Person Who Would Just Make Up The Most Random Things! That's Why You Need Milk! (No Offense) But You Are Awesome My Dude!
  14. Now Our Last Shoutout! ItsBrycen! You Are Just a Very Funny And Weird Person I Can Never Understand. I'm Gone For A Day And You Are Eating Bombs! But Anyways, You Are You, And You Are Awesome!
  15. Those Are All! I Hope You Have A Nice Day, And I'm Sorry If I Missed Some Of Yall! BOI!

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