Shout-outs!!!!!!! Part 2

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Lots of people take my quizzes. That's why I am on to the second quiz with shoutouts! Thank you to the GTQ users who are on this quiz, and those who have no account yet, but take my quizzes.

I would like to congratulate my friend, Shimmer_, who got her quiz, What Shimmer and Shine character are you? on the featured quiz list. Please take her quiz.

Created by: Vampirina

  1. This is part 2 of my shout-outs quiz. I made another one earlier. Those users will still be on here, and so will a few new ones.
  2. Thank you guys for taking my quizzes. If you take this quiz, you will be on my next shout-out quiz.
  3. Also, congratulations to my friend, Shimmer_. She got her quiz, What Shimmer and Shine character are you on the featured quiz list! It's on the second page, with about 664 times taken. Please take her quizzes, and everyone else listed on the shout-outs.
  4. Okay, on to the shout-outs.
  5. The first shout-out goes to my friend, Shimmerdream, for agreeing to create a shared account with me, along with our original quizzes. We did it for an as us questions quiz, which you can ask in the comments. Thank you, Shimmerdream! Our joined account is called Shimmer and Vee.
  6. The next goes to Porg Lover, for taking my quizzes and putting me on her Which if my GTQ friends are you? quiz. That must be the reason Shimmer_'s quiz got so popular.
  7. Next is Bubbleisha, for taking my quizzes and being a great friend.
  8. Next is Shimmer_, same as Bubbleisha, and EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE HER QUIZ!!!!
  9. I'm just saying the name from now on, and a reason.
  10. Eva Bella, for taking my quizzes.
  11. Twigpaw, for taking my quizzes.
  12. Okay, new GTQ users!
  13. Fuli, for taking my quizzes and giving the first suggestion on The Lion Guard; Truth or Dare.
  14. SonOfApollo, for commenting a truth AND a dare.
  15. WizardKitten, for taking The Lion Guard; Truth or Dare.
  16. HersheyandHarley, same as WizardKitten.
  17. Leafstar, for taking my quizzes.
  18. Shine(I know her in real life, she's literally Shimmer_'s twin sister) for taking my quizzes.
  19. AlyTheCalicoCat for taking my quizzes.
  20. Mingo, same as AlyTheCalicoCat.
  21. Finally, to all of the GTQ users who take my quizzes who don't have an account. Thank, you, everyone! Please rate and comment, and remember to take everyone's quizzes!

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