Have a account but just make quizzes?

Alright, this quiz is only for you if you have gotten an account but are still making quizzes. You probably think that all this site is good for is quizzes.

Well, you could never be more wrong. There is a world of wonders awaiting, so hurry up and read this quiz already! Hustle! Get a move on, people! Go!!

Created by: ilovepuppys

  1. Hello! If you recently got an account, I have an important announcment, so stay tuned!
  2. Okay, so you probably stumbled upon GoToQuiz.com looking for a quiz, right?
  3. And then you wanted to comment on a quiz, so you got an account, right?
  4. Well, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.
  5. See that little thingy up there? It says: Create a Quiz/ Create a Poll/ GoToQuiz Forums/ Top 40 Quizzes, or something like that. See it?
  6. Well, you've probably pushed a few of the buttons.
  7. Okay, so see that thingy that says GoToQuiz Forums?
  8. Well, you probably haven't thought to press it, have you?
  9. You should press it, because behind that very button is an amazing world of things you'd never think would be on this site.
  10. Well, there is a place called the forums. There, you can actually TALK to people! And chances are you'll find a lot of quiz makers, so you'll be able to talk about their quizzes and more!
  11. You can chat with anyone else that has an account. After this question, click that little button and prepare to be amazed. Try it!

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