hi, i have a account now

there are many people who are smart but a few great and wise people. after all. you can be able to solve extreme problems, if you can. this is the quiz i have a account for.

this is very possible that this could be the top quiz. because some quizzes are about really interesting quizzes. so i made this quiz to be the best quiz maker as possible.

Created by: aidan
  1. hi. my name is aidan, and a few days ago i decided to make an account.
  2. do you like any websites such as (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo)?
  3. have you been to Asia or Africa?
  4. do you like living in your house?
  5. what time is it?
  6. this quiz has 40 questions. do you care?
  7. do you like pie?
  8. if yes to the previous question, what flavor do you like?
  9. pick your number (1 - 6)
  10. pick your word
  11. pick your number (7 - 12)
  12. when is your birthday?
  13. pick a number (13 - 18)
  14. are you poor or rich?
  15. how many TV shows have you watched in your lifetime?
  16. do you like basketball?
  17. do you like football?
  18. now at question number 20! bored yet?
  19. pick a number (19 - 24)
  20. do you have any kids?
  21. do you like books?
  22. if yes to the previous question, how many books have you read?
  23. pick a number (25 - 30)
  24. what is your favorite couler?
  25. what is your favorite game?
  26. history or math?
  27. pick a number (31 - 36)
  28. pick a letter (A - F)
  29. do you like soccer?
  30. bored yet?
  31. do you enjoy this quiz? (will not have any effect)
  32. will you rate? (will not have any effect)
  33. 5 more questions, do you like rap?
  34. do you enjoy exploring?
  35. will you comment on this quiz? (will not have any effect)
  36. do you like to go shopping?
  37. bye!
  38. ready for the results?

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