Update: New account!

*sigh* Do I really need to do this? I'm pretty sure the title sums it up. So no need to look at this. But if you REALLY want to, then go ahead........

So I thought, "Hey, why not make another account?" So here we are. The account is called "TheStageBeast". Anywho, goodbye! I am trying to finish this thing.

Created by: Trundle

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  1. Ahem. This is SprinkledSpice, speaking.
  2. So I have a new account, aka TheStageBeast.
  3. So if y'all are wondering who TheStageBeast is, it's me.
  4. Although calling me Spice is preferred, as I really like that nickname.
  5. And now, regrettably, we will need fillers. Here we go.
  6. Do I have a cat or not?
  7. What is my favorite kind of fox?
  8. What is the answer to this riddle: If I have a bee in my hand, what's in my eye?
  9. What is one bug I do NOT like?
  10. 'Aight, that's all.

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