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You may have seen my friend, Vampirina's, quiz like this. Basically, Vee and I have a combined account, Shimmer and Vee, and we need YOUR help with the reason for combining an account.

The quiz will explain everything. Also, shoutout to my followers on Wattpad. You guys rule, and I will update both of my stories frequently. Sorry, I haven't updated Echopaw's Story, Wish is just getting good!

Created by: Shimmerdream
  1. Random thing; I have a Wattpad, so follow me there and I'll follow you. My username is Shimmerdream. I have two stories, Wish and Echopaw's Story. Wish is #1 in #shimmerandshine and #nickjr. :)
  2. Okay, the point of the quiz.
  3. Sorry, BTW, all of the answers, or most of them, will be K.
  4. NOW the point of this quiz.
  5. My friend, Vampirina, and I share an account.
  6. It's called Shimmer and Vee.
  7. We are using that account to create a quiz together.
  8. But we need you guys to ask us questions.
  9. You can ask questions for either of us in the comments of this quiz, Vampirina's version of this quiz, and the first Shimmer and Vee quiz.
  10. Please ask us questions! You will get a shoutout from both of us, and we will answer it(unless we can't, for privacy reasons)

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