Do We Have Much In Common?

Hey guys I'm the creator of Total Drama Trivia and Steven Universe Trivia etc. I finally got an account!!!! So this is my first quiz with an account as O1Awesomeness.

Let me ask you this question before I give you take this quiz: Do you think that deep down you are important to the world. The correct answer is Yes you are.

Created by: O1Awesomeness

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Do you have a relative who plays or used to play in a professional sport?
  3. Which of these songs is your favorite?
  4. Do you watch Total Drama?
  5. Are you smart?
  6. Are you tall?
  7. Do you play a sport?
  8. If you do play a sport, what sport do you play. (if you don't play a sport just skip to the next question)
  9. If you watch Total Drama, do you think Courtney has a great singing voice?
  10. Do you have any sets of twins in your family?
  11. Do you play Mortal Kombat X?
  12. If you do play MKX, what character do you use?
  13. Do you play Fun Run 2?
  14. If you do play Fun Run 2, would you want to join my clan? (Awesome Masters)
  15. Do you like this quiz?
  16. If you do not like this quiz, please give me some tips on how to make a better quiz.

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