Shimmerdream and Vampirina share an account!

Shimmerdream and Vampirina now share an account!!!! They also have their previous separate ones. In this quiz, they will announce that to you, and something else.

Are you prepared to witness the first(probably) time two GoToQuiz friends from real life sharing an account, making quizzes together? There has to be two paragraphs, so might as well make that corny cliffhanger.

Created by: Shimmer and Vee
  1. Hey, guys! Vampirina here. You may or may not know, that GTQ user Shimmerdream and I are friends.
  2. Like, friends in real life.
  3. Like, we go to the same school friends.
  4. We are also friends in the same way with Shimmer_, Porg Lover, and Bubbleisha.
  5. Okay, now I'll let Shimmerdream tell you the next news. ~Vee
  6. Hi! Shimmerdream here. We have for so long wanted to create a quiz together, that you guys would help with.
  7. What I mean by that, is that in the comments of some of out other quizzes, like Vee's Are you Shimmer or Shine? quiz, you have the chance to ask us any questions you like.
  8. The next question will be the list of quizzes you can comment on, some are by our other friends.
  9. 1. Are you Shimmer or Shine? by Vampirina 2. Warrior cats she-cats love story #1, #2, #3 by Shimmerdream 3. What Shimmer and Shine character are you? by Shimmer_ 4. Ask a Question by Vampirina or Shimmerdream 5. What Shopkin are you? Season 1, Part 1 by Bubbleisha 6. Briarlight, Blossomfall, and Bumblestripe quiz by Vampirina 7. Shimmerdream and Vampirina share an account! by Shimmer and Vee
  10. Our new account name is Shimmer and Vee.
  11. Please ask us a question, take our quizzes, take our friends quizzes, and keep being awesome. Thanks! ~Shimmerdream

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