The Lion Guard; Truth or Dare?

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Hi! Vampirina here! Technically, this quiz is not finished. I want you guys to comment truths and dares for the Lion Guard to do. Sorry, if you are one of the first ones to see this quiz, its not entertaining at all.

So, if you are seeing this when it first comes out, there are no truths or dares on here. Thats because I want them all to be from you guys! If you dont have an account, make a quiz called Lion Guard, Truth or Dare suggestion, and write the Truth or Dare. Make sure to include Vampirina in the introduction paragraphs.

Created by: Vampirina

  1. Read the introduction paragraphs, they explain everything.
  2. Thank you to Fuli and SonOfApollo for giving the first truths and dare on this quiz. You guys will be in my shout-outs quiz.
  3. Okay, I didnt say this in the introduction paragraphs, but how this works, is the Guard gets a message/note from Fuli, SonOfApollo, and everyone else who will comment a truth or dare. I was inspired by kiouli7678 on If you have an account there, please follow her, and my friend Shimmerdream.
  4. Now to start the truths and dares!
  5. Kion ran from pride rock down to the Lion Guard layer, with three notes in his mouth. He was excited to share them with the guard.
  6. When Kion got to the layer, his friends were already there. Beshte greeted him. "Hey, Kion! What's that?" "They're notes from some friends. I asked them for truths and dares," Kion replied.
  7. "What? We get to play Truth or Dare?!?! Zuka Zama!" Bunga yelled. "Yep," Kion replied. He read the first dare. "This one's from Fuli," Kion looked at Fuli, clearly she was confused. "Not you," he told her. "Fuli told us to share our deepest secrets. I'll go first."
  8. Kion said, super fast so the guard didn't understand him, how he could speak to his grandfather. No one got it, and Fuli just said in a confused way, "Okay?"
  9. Fuli went next. She admitted that when she said cheetahs don't climb, she meant cheetahs can't climb.
  10. Next was Ono. Ono said that he was throwing a surprise party for one of his egret friends next week.
  11. Beshte said that he didn't keep any secrets from the guard.
  12. Bunga said that he kept lots of secrets from them. "Okay, what's one of them?" Kion asked. "THAT IS MY SECRET!" Bunga said. "Seriously?" Fuli mumbled.
  13. The next note was from SonOfApollo. It had a truth and a dare, unlike the one from Fuli, that had both. Kion started with the truth. It said what would you do if you were the opposite gender for the day?
  14. Kion:be normal, I guess. Fuli:panic. That's crazy, and weird. Beshte:feel awkward, but go on with life. Ono:that would be embarrassing, I'd hide in my nest. Bunga:uhh, I dunno.
  15. Kion read the dare. It said, dance without music for one minute.
  16. Bunga said, "Oh yeah!!!!" He started break dancing. Kion, Beshe, and Ono started dancing with him. "Come on, Fuli!" Kion said. Fuli rolled her eyes. "Fine."
  17. One minute later, they had finished. All but Bunga. He kept dancing. "Bunga," Kion said. "Bunga. Bunga." "BUNGA!" Everyone yelled. "What?" Bunga asked. "We finished the dare." Kion replied.

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