Wich Lion Guard character are you?

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Many people are like, "OMG I am such a lion guard nerd" but if you are one of those people this quiz will show you how nerd like you are. So try, don't be mad if you don't get 100.

When you open the quiz turn your brain into Lion mode and being out that inner lion we all have in us!!!! Don't worry you will do well, As we Lions say,"Hakuna Matata" No worries if you don't get who you wanted.

Created by: Kovu07

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  1. If someone was stuck in quick sand would you...(pick the best answer you would do)
  2. If there was a fire in your home (in this case priderock) Would you....(pick what you would do)
  3. If there was a flood and people were stuck in let's just say quick sand again would you....(u know what to do by now)
  4. If YOU were stuck in a dry lighting storm and it started a fire and you needed help who would you want help from?
  5. If the King (Simba) was stuck in a sink hole would you...
  6. If your "magical power" brought back a evil lion into flames*cough cough* Scar *cough cough* would you...
  7. If a "Outlander" (like me because I am Kovu) Was like, "Ik how to defeat Scar but you must trust me" Would you be like..
  8. If you used your "power" *roar of the elders* and cracked the ground and made your mom almost fall in would you...
  9. If you had the ability to talk to, "the great Kings of the past" would you..
  10. Hope you enjoyed this quiz on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate it?

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Quiz topic: Wich Lion Guard character am I?