which lion guard character are you?

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hi welcome to our quiz, in here you'll be getting to know which lion guard characters you are most likely to be there are 10 questions and max 8 choices

the possible results: kion, fuli, anga,bunga,beshte, rani, mama binturong, ora, makucha , chuluun ( season 3) not included-ono hope you enjoy this quiz!

Created by: kion!!

  1. who you hate in the lion guard
  2. do you like lion guard?
  3. who do you like the most
  4. do you want a season 4
  5. do you like villains or heros
  6. which season of the lion guard you like the most
  7. which is your favourite animal from the lion guard
  8. which lion guard song you like most (season 3)
  9. which episode you like the most in lion guard season 3?
  10. which characters (not included here) do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Which lion guard character am I?