Which Lion Guard character are you?

Hello. If you like the Lion King 1, 1 1/2, and 2, then you should watch the lion guard. The Lion Guard is a t.v. show representing Simba, and Nala's 2nd born cub, Kion. He is the leader of The Lion Guard and all of his friends are the members.

Now, if you have already watched some or all of it, then email me what episode you are on or just email me that you finished watching it. But if you liked The Lion King and The Lion Guard, then you will like this quiz. Take it to see what character you would be if you had any of their talents.

Created by: Reese of The Lion Guard character you turn out to
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  1. First up, your gender!
  2. Your position or mark!
  3. Species!
  4. Personality check!
  5. Would you rather haveā€¦
  6. Mate time!
  7. Like Kion, do you have the roar?
  8. Who do you think your result will be?
  9. Who do you think your result will be #2?
  10. If you like this quiz, and you want more answer down below.

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Quiz topic: Which Lion Guard character am I?