The Lion Guard Which Cub are you from Kion and Ronis Litter?

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Hey guys! Want to find out who you are? Well take this quiz and find out! You even get a Swahili lesson! Go to the end and learn some Swahili! Answers are long-ish.

Pictures are not mine! I hope you appreciate this, because I spent a lot of time and effort! Anyway have fun! Please comment, or rate, or even like. Is that the same as rate?

Created by: Liberty Christianity

  1. Ember-Hey guys what’s up, I am back with a new quiz The Lion Gaurd Which Cub are you from Kion and Roni’s litter? These pictures are not mine, whoever did them did a fabulous job. I made some OCs and named them. Let’s get started. U ready? There are also a Swahili lesson at the end. Ok let’s start!
  2. Sooooo RP anyone?
  3. We are doing it anyway. Ok soooo jaguars have entered the Tree of Life and attacking you. What do we dooooo?
  4. What word speaks to you?
  5. Sisi ni sawa means Finish the lyrics if you can if you don’t know press idk
  6. OMG! 5 more questions left! I’m running out of stuff to write! Ummmmm Do you want to be king or queen?
  7. You single? IdkI’m not tryin stalk you or anything Im just running out of stuff to write.
  8. Do you have crush😉? ❤💜💙💛💚
  9. Which element?
  10. Ember-finally finished! Sorry it may not be completely accurate. I’m getting a little carsick and I’m really tired, and spent 2hr. working on the results. Look out for my next quiz- The Lion Gaurd Which Cub are you from Fuli and Azaad’s litter? Please like, rate, or comment, if you don’t have an account it’s ok. Bye! Happy Easter To!
  11. Ok Swahili lessons!1. Nyekundu means red (Née-kun-doo)2. U Hali gani means how are you? (O-halee-gene)3. Nzuri means fine (n-zoo-ri)4. Uovu means evil (oo-ov-voo)5. Sisi ni sawa means we are the same (see-see-nee-saw-wa)Ok that’s it folks. Have a happy Easter!

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Quiz topic: The Lion Guard Which Cub am I from Kion and Ronis Litter?