Which FNAF Night Guard are you?

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HELLO! This is my first quiz! So please don't be too harsh in the comments, plz!! So, *clears throat* have you ever wondered which night guard are you? This quiz will hopefully tell which one you are!

I hope you all enjoy! This quiz go's out to my friends cause they wanted me to make one, so here i am! The first couple times i did this quiz, i got Scott! Tell me what you guys get!

Created by: MangledTrap

  1. How old are you?
  2. Which night guard do you think your most likely to be?
  3. Favorite food?
  4. Me: do any of you night guards want to ask a question?Jeremy: .... about what?Me: anything you like!Mike: oh, then, do you watch football?
  5. Kevin: uhh, your favorite song?
  6. Jeremy: do you have an interest in singing?
  7. Eric (phone dude): dude, do you play an instrument?
  8. Scott (phone guy): do you like to dance? I do!
  9. Fritz: do you like to party!!!Me: depends on what party it is...
  10. William: which weapon do you prefer?Me: ......
  11. Me: ok, what is your gender?Scott: why does this matter?Me: i don't know...
  12. Me: ok, almost done! How was the quiz so far?William: could have been worse!Me: -_-
  13. William: can i go home now!?Me: not yet, why don't you ask another question?William: uhh, fine! How would you react if i tried to kill you?Jeremy: ..... what?
  14. Which animatronic do you prefer?
  15. Last question! Which night guard do you think your gonna get?

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Quiz topic: Which FNAF Night Guard am I?