The Treasoners~part two

This is the story of the life of a girl named Change. If you have not read part one, please go to my other account, Sugercube and do so. The last question is the only one that counts.

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Created by: Travins
  1. I stood, the as it started raining. I slumped against a wall. He was my brother...? How could I trust him? He had saved me. I put my head in my hands and cried. A light sound of footsteps brought my head up. A huge wolf stood in front of me. One I did not know. I went to say something but it put its head against my arm. "Hush child." Its coat was grey- it seemed to have a shade of blue mixed in but that could be the moon light-Its eyes were dark brown. It looked up at me. Then it kneeled down. "Up" I climbed on his back without a word.
  2. It walked past the town and into the woods. I yawned and blinked sleepily. "Lay down and rest." He said. I rested my head in his soft fur. "Who are you...?" I asked, but fell asleep before he could respond. I woke up on a cave floor, a deer skin blanket over me. A boy sat beside a fire, leaning against the cave wall. He had dirty blonde hair, and gray eyes. I sat up and he turned to me. "Morning Change." He smiled. I threw the blanket off. He had...How the hell was he? "Who are you?" I ask. He grins and points at a pot over the fire. "Soup. Don't want you getting sick." He nodded. "The names Taylor."
  3. I looked at the food then back at him. I was hungry but I had never met him before. "How do I know its safe to eat?" I say glancing at the cave opening. "I dunno. Guess your just gonna have to take a chance." He grins at me, picks up a wooden bowl that was sitting by the fire, and puts soup in it. He places it in front of me. "I'm a friend of Travins. A pack member. Don't worry. You can trust me." To hell with that. I still was not sure about Travins. But I pick up the bowl and hold it to my mouth. The broth burns the inside of my neck, but its so good that I drain the hole thing without stopping.
  4. He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "Your going to meet the rest of the pack today. They are all really happy about you. We all think your something special." I shake my head. "I already have a pack. Sky's going to worry about me. I need to go back." I start to leave but Taylor blocks my way. He grabs my shoulders. "Don't you get it? Your brother is part of the pack! You were born not bit! That means your this pack by blood! You cant change that!" He's yelling now. I pull away from him. He blinks and goes red. "Sorry." He mutters. "Travins asked me to keep an eye on you. If you go back to the other pack you break the code. I'm sorry but I have to keep you safe."
  5. Another boy walks in the cave entrance. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. He gives me a glare than turns to Taylor. "I heard yelling." He has headphones around his neck. "Is anything wrong." Taylor shakes his head. "No. Noah this is Change." He nods at me. "Change this is Noah." The boy glares at me then leaves muttering something about me being a pest. I look at Taylor who's frowning. "What's his problem?" I ask, ticked off. Taylor shrugs and sits down. "Oh, him. I dunno." Liar.
  6. Taylor holds out his hand. "Want to meet the pack." Do I have a choice? "Sure" I say. I get up, ignoring his hand. He sighs and leads the way out of the cave, and into a small clearing. Lean-tos are on many trees. A group of teen are sitting around a fire –hobo style- And they turn to look at us. I brush my hair behind my ear. Travins walks out of the circle, and up to me. "I see you have met Taylor." He says. I nod and look to the boy next to me. He holds out his hand again and I take it this time. We lace our fingers together and walk to the group. Noah sees me and growls. He leaves the fire and slumps down, leaning against a tree, his headphones on.
  7. I look at him for a second but then his head raises and he meets me glance, his eyes filled with hate. I turn back to the other. Five or so girls, that I instantly forget, and a few boys. Taylor looks at me and smiles. "Want to go for a walk?" He ask. I nod and he leads me from the group. "You don't like them." He says. "Its not that I just don't feel-" He cuts me off. "Like you fit in. I know. Neither do I." He starts walking a little faster. In my head I'm thinking of how much I want to go home, I felt unsafe here. He looks at me and frowns. "I'm here to protect you Change. I won't leave you alone to get hurt." He smiles and I fell myself trusting him. To many people had let me get hurt.
  8. I hear footsteps behind us. Taylor must hear them to, because he turns around, shoving me behind a tree. I see him smell the air. "Noah, why the hell are you following us?" He asked. I peek out from the tree and see a brown wolf step from the shadow's. It shifts and Noah is standing there glaring at me. "Because I don't trust her." He says, still looking at me. Taylor raises an eyebrow. "Why?" I ask stepping from the trees. Noah walks to us, his hands curled into fist. He tackles me, pinning me to a tree. "Because I know how you really are Change. You may fool everyone, but not me." He growls.
  9. I see a steel gray wolf standing behind Noah. He turns and growls. The other wolf seems to growl to, but its deeper and more menacing. Noah's eyes burn yellow for a second, then he shifts and the brown wolf trots into the forest, turning to give me one last glare before he disappears. I fell very faint, and I must be pale because when the grey wolf looks at me he seems worried. The I see him shift into the boy with dirty blonde hair. And then everything goes black and I faint.
  10. I wake up in a cave, the same one as before. I feel faint and dizzy. When I go to sit up, a hand pushes me back down. I trace the arm and find the blurry face of Travins frowning at me. He shakes his head. "Not yet honey. Lie back down and rest. Don't worry. I'm here." I close my eyes and lay back down. He kisses my forehead, witch must be hot, for he places a cold rag on it. I open my eyes and Taylors leaning over me, his face covered in worry. I smile up at him, and he leans down and kisses my lips. And that's the last thing I remember before the world goes black again.
  11. This is the only one that counts: Whos picture do you want to see? Warning: They are all anime.

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