In over my head: part 3

Hey people! Okay this is part 3! Woohoo! Ha, gosh it's actually pretty easy for me to update right now, cos I was smart and used my laptop instead of my phone...

Anyways, so... lemme know if i should keep updating ( i might do a couple more in a bit, i don't know. I still have a lot of other writings i have to do on a diff website... and i'm sorta busy... but i'm TRYING to get on here more!!)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. " How could you not like Billie Eilish? Her songs are great and they practically speak to me." I asked him, eyes stuck on the worn off specks of black polish that were but remains of how they once were. " Because, she just isn't my type of singer. Her songs are a bit too dark for me." he shrugged. " They aren't--" " Yuh-huh. Felicity, just admit that." he sighed as we began to trek through the woods.
  2. Though i'd only known him three days, his presence seemed to be growing on me, even if i'd never admit that to him... because... well, what he doesn't know won't kill him. " Whatever, they're a LITTLE dark, I guess, but I think it only sticks out to you cos you're so damn religious." I admitted, giving his shoulder a small nudge, his arm bone practically more visible than it'd been the day i'd met him. " No, it's because I actually listen to the words of the music. I don't just listen to the voice and tune, i like to be able to taste the words. To feel them." he explained.
  3. " Well, I just get the words, okay? They express me. Besides, I--" i began twisting the cuffs of my sweater with a frown, feeling his eyes locked onto something he'd seen. " Felicity, raise up your sleeve." Max ordered. " But, it's so cold out and--" " Felicity, now! I need to make sure I didn't see what I thought I saw." he plead with me. Shutting my eyes slowly, I tugged up my sleeve, just enough for him to see the first scar.
  4. " Are you happy? Are you glad now? Now that you know?" I asked bitterly, my eyes practically rolling in the back of my head as he wrapped me in a hug. " No, Felicity. I'm not. Not at all. I don't like that you're cutting. I don't get why--" " Because I can, okay? It helps me deal with what's happening in my life, the pain. It takes my mind off of things." I explained, trying to shrug him away, but it didn't work. " No. That's not how you deal with the pain. You pray to God. You ask friends for help. You write out your issues. You talk to a therapist. You DON'T cut."
  5. I could feel his heart hammering against his chest as he pulled me in for a hug, him ignoring the fact that I felt insanely awkward in his arms. I was almost sort of hoping he'd let me go and back away. But he didn't. " I don't have any friends, Max." " You have me." he whispered.
  6. *** Max's POV *** I promised myself i'd try not to get too attached to Felicity, but when my eyes landed on those cuts and she admitted to cutting and feeling like she had no friends? I knew I was already starting to get too close to her. It was like she were my complete opposite, and no matter how badly she aggravated me at points... I couldn't help but be drawn to her like a bug to the light." Max.... could you let go of me now?" she squeaked, squirming in my arms. " Not yet. I'm not letting go until you promise to stop cutting and to talk to me when you're going through issues." " But..." " Felicity. Please. Don't not promise. Do this for you. Not for me, but for you." I plead. " Fine, I promise. Will you let me go NOW?" she asked.
  7. I gave a slow nod and pulled away from her, watching as she brushed off her sweater with a frown. " For real. If you don't quit cutting, you're seriously going to get hurt." " What do I have to lose?" she retorted.She really feels this way. Like, she really thinks nobody cares. It almost kills me to see her like this. No pun intended." Well, your life, for one. And... i'd never get to see you again except in a casket. And you'd never get to hear any Billie Eilish music again. So..." " Fine, fine. You're right, I guess. You always are, goodie-goodie." she smiled softly.A real smile. A true, genuine smile. And that's when I knew i'd found myself a good friend to spend the rest of my short life with.Felicity.
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