Apollo's Curse (part 16)

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This is obviously part 16, and if this doesn't show up on the new quizzes list, I'm gonna be pretty fricken' mad. I'm not writing a recap so if you don't remember, go back and take the last part.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
  1. Ethan and Forrest collapsed onto the grass and started coughing. Their faces were covered in ash and their cloths had burnt holes in them from the fire. When the finally stopped coughing, they slowly stood up and walked towards us. I growled and barked at them, the fur on my back rising. They stopped walking and I noticed that Ethan still had his broken chains in his hands.  I started changing back into a person again. When I was done changing back, I said, "Why do you have chains, Ethan?" as innocently as I could.  Ethan looked down at his hands holding the chains, in loss for words.  "Well?" I said, "And don't even bother trying to lie 'cause I know why you're here."  "We're here because we were going to capture you, Megan." Ethan replied, lifting up his head to meet my intense stare.  "Huh. You hear that, Percy?" I said sarcastically, "They want to capture me." 
  2. Percy's fists were closed like he was going to hit someone. But before he could say anything, about 40 monsters came out of the trees and surrounded Ethan, Forrest, and me because everyone else was had taken 20 steps back because I changed into a wolf.  "Megan!" Dylan, Jake, Alania, Dakota, Percy, and Annabeth yelled and took a step forward.  "Your little friends can't do anything to get to you now." One monster said with a chuckle in his voice.  "Sssso why don't you jusssst come with ussss now?" Another monster asked and I realized that it was a snake. 
  3. My attention was so focused on the monsters that I didn't even realize that Ethan and Forrest came up behind me and put those handcuffs on me, the ones are like magnets but go from my wrist to the middle of my forearms.  "Good work, Ethan and Forrest." The first monster said, "Now hand her over."  "You promised us something in exchange." Ethan said.  "And I will give you your freedom and no monster will ever harm you again and a new chain as soon as you hand her over." He said, sticking out his hand.  Before Ethan and Forrest could bring me over to them, a glowing pink light came in-between us and the monsters. A person stepped out of the light and turned to face me.  "What are you doing here, Aphrodite?" The snake hissed. 
  4. "Well, Megan, really needs some new cloths and a quick shower." Aphrodite replied then walked over to me and put her hand on my head. Instantly, my hair no longer had knots in it and I was wearing new cloths. I was wearing the same type of shirt, but it was a solid yellow now, and I had on jean shorts. Aphrodite started walking towards the pink light.  "So you can do that, but you aren't going to even try to free her?" The first monster asked.  "Why should I? After all, she did make fun of one of my daughters. I just did that to her because I couldn't stand looking at someone with knots in their hair and their cloths torn up." Aphrodite replied, then stepped into the pink light, and was gone.  "Ha, that's what you get for messing with me." I heard Drew call out to me.  I made a fire at her feet, which made her shoes turn black. She screamed in rage and yelled at the monsters, "Just kill her!! Kill her now!!" 
  5. One monster said, "We will, but first we have to take her to Gaea."  "Hurry up!! I can't stand to look at her anymore!!" Drew yelled and then I saw Dakota run over to Drew and start beating her up.  I didn't get to see it all because Ethan attached his broken chain to the chain around my waist. I was about to burn his hands when I all of a sudden felt very weak. I tried to make a small ember but I couldn't do it. Ethan and Forrest picked me up and put me in a cage next to the first monster. 
  6. "Now you may go." The snake told them and then all of the monsters and me disappeared and re-appeared into a large cell with long chains connected to a wall. The monsters walked out of the cell except for the first monster and the snake. There was a pipe on the other side of the room and the snake slithered across the floor and cut it in half, making mist come out of it.  "I imagine that your friendssss are going to try and Irissss messssage you." She explained.  The first monster came and took me out of the cage and threw me on the floor. Then he grabbed one chain from the wall and put it on my left wrist, he did the same to my other wrist and my ankles. He unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back and he and the snake walked out of the cell, without saying a word, leaving me confused. Then all of a sudden, the chains sent electricity through my whole body, making me scream out in pain, and I collapsed on the floor. It stopped to re-charge and then my friend's faces popped up from the mist.
  7. "Megan! Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" Dylan asked me.  "I'm not okay." I told them in-between gasps of breath.  "What happened?" Percy asked.  I never got a chance to tell them because the electricity came through the chains and into my body, making me scream again. It stopped to re-charge again, I looked up and saw my friend's faces staring at me in horror. "That's what happened." I told them.  "Where are you?" Dakota asked. 
  8. I looked up and saw a window with sunlight shining through it. I looked at my friends and saw that it was still dark out.  "Probably somewhere in China." I told them.  "Okay, Dylan, Jason, Jake, and I going to come and get you." Percy decided.  "Hurry." I said and then the electricity came again. When it was done shocking me, I couldn't move. I couldn't even blink and I knew that I was paralyzed.  "Megan? Are you okay?" Alania asked me.  I would've responded but I couldn't move my lips and I probably looked dead. Before they could say something, Ethan walked into view and said, "She's not dead. She's paralyzed. They did that so she wouldn't be able to fight back."  Just then, a monster came and unchained me. He saw my friends and said, "She's not dead, yet. I'll give you a hint to where we are. We're in Beijing China." Then, he messed up and took the chain off of my waist and threw it across the room. He was about to pick me up when I set him on fire.  I willed myself to change into a wolf because only my human form was paralyzed. My bones were forming into a wolf and when I was done changing, I told my friends telepathically, 'I'll be in China's smallest forest.' And then I ran out of the door and into the sunlight. 
  9. It's been a week since I've escaped the cell. A week that I've been paralyzed. A week since I last saw my friends. Now I'm just wandering through the forest, hopping that they will find me. The last time I changed back into my human form, I was able to move my whole upper body. I changed back into my human form to see if I could move my legs. Luckily, I could so I got up and walked towards where I was sleeping at night. I heard a rustle in the bushes and I quickly turned around and saw a person come out.  "Who are you?" I asked him.  "Sorry about this." He said and then lifted up his arm and shot something at my head. I passed out and forgot everything. 
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate and tell me what you think.

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