Which kit are you? (part 10)

Sorry it took me like a month to get this part out, I've been working on my other seiries: The Lightning Girl and Apollo's Curse. Please take them.

The apprentices _______________ (psh, like I would tell you XD). Bb. Bb b.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. Starpaw's POV: She just got done reading Foxleap's mind. Lionstar was still on the High Ledge and she didn't know why. Some of the cats began to walk away from the clearing. "I have not dismissed this meeting, yet. There is still one more thing I have to do." Lionstar's voice rang out. The cats began to come back and sit back down. "As you all know, these 5 apprentices are going to be leaving tomorrow. We can't send out 5 apprentices. There's goin to have to be some warriors." Lionstar meowed. And approving murmur went through the mass of cats. 'We don't need warriors to come with us!' Starpaw heard Emberpaw think angrily. Her tail flicked back and forth with annoyance. "Starpaw, Emberpaw, Lightningpaw, Wolfpaw, and Eaglepaw come here." Lionstar called to them.
  2. "Starpaw, from this moment on you'll be known as Starfire. In memory of Firestar, may StarClan guide your path." Lionstar meowed as he leapt down from the High Ledge and rested his muzzle on top of her head. She licked his shoulder in response and Lionstar moved onto Emberpaw. "Emberpaw, from this moment on you'll be known as Emberlight. For your burning pelt and shinning heart, may StarClan guide your path." Lionstar said and then did the same thing he did to Starfire. He moved on to Lightningpaw. "Lightningpaw, from this moment on you'll be known as Lightningcloud. For your lightning being struck to the ground from the clouds high above, may StarClan guide your path." Lionstar did the sane thing as he did to Starfire and Emberlight. He moved on to Wolfpaw. "Wolfpaw, from this moment on you'll be known as Wolfear. For your sharp senses and your keen eyesight and hearing, may StarClan guide your path." He did the same thing to Wolfear as he did to Starfire, Emberlight, and Lightningcloud. He moved onto Eaglepaw. "Eaglepaw, drone this moment on you'll be known as Eaglebreeze. For your swift paws and powerful winds, may StarClan guide your path." Lionstar called and then Eaglebreeze did the same thing as Starfire, Emberlight, Lightningcloud, and Wolfear.
  3. "Starfire!! Emberlight!! Lightningcloud!! Wolfear!! Eaglebreeze!!" The Clan called out. Starfire beamed with pride. ********TIME SKIP TO THE GATHERING******** "Wow, are first gathering as warriors. Well, actually it's our first gathering." Starfire meowed. "I wonder how it'll be." Wolfear meowed. They crossed the fallen tree onto the island. RiverClan was already here. Mistystar came up to Lionstar and dipped her head. "Greetings Lionstar." Mistystar meowed. Lionstar dipped his head in reply, "Greeting Mistystar." Lionstar meowed. Mistystar cast her glaze over the ThunderClan cats. He eyes rested on Lightningcloud and Wolfear. Her fur bristled a little bit. "Why do you have the ShadowClan's apprentices?" Mistystar asked, an edge in her voice.
  4. Lionstar moved his head so he could see what Mistystar was staring at. He turned his head back towards Mistystar. "They were never ShadowClan's apprentices." He meowed. "What do you mean? I saw them on their first day out, just barely two moons ago." Mistystar meowed. "Yes, they did get their apprentice name in ShadowClan. But, they're ThunderClan. Blackstar took them when they were kits. They came back to their rightful Clan." Lionstar explained. "It's such a shame that Blackstar and Tigerheart died." Mistystar meowed, changing the subject. "They didn't die. They're with us, not as prisioners. They were banished from their Clan and they came with the two apprentices." Lionstar meowed.
  5. Starfire zoned out the rest of their convorsation and began to wonder around the island. Some RiverClan apprentice came up to her. He was much bigger than her and he was probably older. "Hi. My name's Fishpaw." He meowed. "I'm Starfire." She introduced herself. "Your already a warrior?" He asked, his eyes wide. "Yeah." She replied awkwardly. "But your younger and smaller than me. How is that possible that you're a warrior?" He asked, his voice was angry, it was a mix of shock and wonder. "Lionstar is going to explain it." She replied and then as if on cue, Onestar's voice rang out through the island clearing. "This gather has begun. WindClan wil start first." He called.
  6. "WindClan has run into some rogues," Onestar said with a side-glance at Lionstar, "But it's nothing we could handle." He sat back down. The ThunderClan cats bristled a little. "What did Onestar say that was so wrong?" Fishpaw asked Starfire. Luckily, they were in the back so no one could hear them. "Apparently, we are those rogues and he didn't chase us off. We beat them." Starfire whispered, an edge on her voice. "Is that why you got your warrior name?" Fishpaw asked. "No, I wasn't in that fight but my brother, Eaglebreeze, was." Starfire replied. "Which one is he?" Fishpaw asked. "The one sitting next to the cat with a pelt that is bright red." She replied. "What's her name?" He asked. "Emberlight. And her brother is sitting on the other side of her. His name is Lightningcloud. And the one sitting next to him is my sister, Wolfear." Starfire explained. Fishpaw nodded in response. Mistystar stood up as Onestar sat down. "RiverClan is doing well. Fishpaw chased off a fox threatening to come into camp. His quick thinking saved us all." Mistystar called out with an approving nod to Fishpaw. Fishpaw beamed. "Wow, great job." Starfire praised him. "Thanks." He replied. Rowanstar stood up as Mistystar sat down. "ShadowClan is going great, although we lost 2 apprentices, ShadowClan is thriving." Rowanstar called out. Murmurs of approval went through the mass of cats. Rowanstar sat down and Lionstar stood up. "And who's apprentices were they, Rowanstar?" Lionstar challenged him. "What do you mean? They were ShadowClan's." Rowanstar replied, completely baffled.
  7. Starfire let out an angry hiss. "What's wrong?" Fishpaw asked. "They stole my sister and Lightningcloud away from ThunderClan when we were only a week old." Starfire explained. "That's horrible." Fishpaw meowed. "You stole kits from ThunderClan." Lionstar meowed. "ShadowClan needed kits!" Rowanstar hissed. Shocked murmurs went through the clearing. "It doesn't matter. That's not our problem," Lionstar meowed and then directed his attention to the cats belowbefore Rowanstar could say anything else, "ThunderClan has five new warriors. Starfire, Emberlight, Wolfear, Lightningcloud, and Eaglebreeze." The mass of cats called out their names. "They have only been apprenticed for 2 moons but, I have a good reason why they are already warriors." Lionstar meowed. "As you all know, there was a prophecy about Jayfeather, Dovewing, and me. And now, our kits have a prophecy of their own. It was given to Starfire in a dream from Firestar. Starfire, you may tell it." Lionstar began and then nodded to Starfire to tell the prophecy. "Firestar told me: The five must must protect the shadow and tribe, and unite them to be whole again. Alone, they fail, together, they're strong. Chaos is rising, don't let them take the wind, thunder, river, and sky too." Starfire said as she stood up. She sat back down and Lionstar started speaking again. "Lightningcloud, Emberlight, Wolfear, Eaglebreeze, and Starfire are those five an they will be leaving for the Tribe tomorrow." Lionstar told them. "How do you know that they're the five?" A cat called out. "Because they all have powers and they were all born on the same day." Lionstar told the cat. "What are their powers?" Another cat called out.
  8. "Emberlight has the power of fire. Lightningcloud has the power of lightningand he has my power. Wolfear has the same power as Dovewing. Eaglebreeze is faster than any cat and he has the power of wind. And Starfire, is basically a psychic cat." Lionstar explained. "What does he mean by psychic cat?" Fishpaw asked Starfire. 'It means I can do this and other stuff with my mind. I'm sorry.' Starfire told Fishpaw telepathically. "It's okay." Fishpaw meowed. "This meeting is at an end." Lionstar announced. The Clan leaders climbed down the tree and the cats started mingling. "Come on. I want you to meet some cats." Starfire meowed to Fishpaw and then they padded over to Emberlight, Wolfear, Lightningcloud, and Eaglebreeze. "Starfire! There you are. Where were you?" Wolfear asked as they came near. "I was in the back of the crowd with Fishpaw here." Starfire explained and flicked her tail towards Fishpaw. "Well, at least he's not giving us dirty looks like the other cats." Emberlight grumbled. "Emberlight, Wolfear, Lightningcloud, Eaglebreeze, and Starfire! It's time to leave!" Lionstar called to them. "Bye." Starfire meowed to Fishpaw. "Bye, Starfire." Fishpaw meowed. The apprentices took off towards there Clan, and then they headed home.
  9. Which warrior are you?
  10. Sorry it took me like a month to get this out, I've been working on my other series: The Lightning Girl. Please take it. Ok, bye.

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Quiz topic: Which kit am I? (part 10)