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  • Which kit are you? (part 10)
    Your Result: Starfire

    Starfire is a black she-cat with white flecks on her pelt and one white paw (front right) that has a black star shaped birthmark on it. She has midnight blue eyes that seem to sparkle in the moonlight. Starfire is slowly breaking out of her shyness and will eventually be able to stand up against any type of cat. Her siblings are Eaglebreeze and Wolfear and their parents are Bumblestripe and Dovewing. Her power is psychic (mind reading, seeing the future, exc....).

  • Thank you :). And I'm slowly getting to it. I don't write it down in a notebook or anything. It's just right off the top of my head. But, thank you :).

  • these quizzes are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!! ! STARFIRE!!!!!!!!!!! !!

  • Part 11 is out!!


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