Apollo's Curse (part 13)

Well, this part is longer than the others. And please take my other series: The Lightning Girl.

I suggest taking the last part if you can't remember what happened. I really don't feel like typing a recap of what happened. Well, enjoy :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. "I really don't like this idea of me singing." I complained as Jason and I reached a town that was crowded with people. We must've not been the only people there needing money cause we saw a bunch of performers on the streets, like mimes, dancers, some people were acting, and singers who were singing off key. "Come on, all children of Apollo have lovely voices so you'll do great." Jason said as he steered me towards a blank square on the sidewalk, next to the singer and dancer. "We don't even have a hat or something to put the money in." I said. "That is if you get any money." The singer next to me said, overhearing what I said. "Trust me, you're not going to get a dime cause you're small standing next to me."
  2. "I may be small, but I got a loud voice." I replied. "And it's way better than yours." "Yeah right. I'll believe that when I see it." She said. I turned around and saw that there was a hat by my feet and a bunch of people crowding around me, for a new performer. I turned back towards the girl and she was just standing there, looking at me, waiting for me to back down or mess up. Jason gave me two thumbs up and I rolled my eyes. "Are you going to sing?" A little girl asked as she came up to me. "Yes I am, why?" I said. "Because I was wondering if you could sing American Honey." She said. "Of course I'll sing that." I said and smiled at her as she ran back to her parents. 
  3. Once I started singing the song, the look on that other singers face was priceless. Her mouth was opened and she just couldn't stop staring at me. When I finished the song, the other singer came up to me. "Did you enjoy the performance, Ellie?" I asked her. "How do you know my name?" She asked, astonished. "Just a lucky guess." I replied. 'Oh I like this power that Apollo gave me.' I thought to myself. "I think you had a recorder on you, so you would sing good." Ellie said, changing the topic. "Oh yeah? Then choose the next song that I should sing." I said in a daring tone. "Umm.... sing Rihanna's We Found Love." She said, snickering like I won't be able to sing it. "Okay. No problem." I replied. 
  4. I sang the song lovely and when I was done, the hat that Jason put in front of me was filled with 5, 10, and even 20 dollar bills. "I think we have enough money to get on that plane and get back to Camp-" Jason said then stopped himself when he noticed that Ellie was listening in. "Did you enjoy the performance?" Ellie asked Jason as she walked up to us, completely ignoring me. "Yeah, I enjoyed watching Megan perform." Jason said quickly, then tried to move around her. "Oh, really? So did I." Ellie said then took a side step, blocking off his path. "Ha, yeah right." I said sarcastically, then pushed Ellie out of the way and grabbed Jason's hand. "Come let's go." 
  5. "Oh, your with her?" Ellie said with a disbelieving tone. "You didn't know?" I said. "Well, we're leaving." I said before she could respond. "Aw, but I really thought we had something going." Ellie said to Jason. "I have a girlfriend." Jason said quickly as he tried to walk away. "Who, her?" She said as she pointed to me. 'Just play along with what I say' I told Jason through my mind. He looked at me, surprised that I could do that but just replied, 'Okay'. "Actually, yes. Do you have a problem with that?" I asked her in a challenging tone. "Yes, I do." She said defensively. "You don't even know him, so drop it." I said as I took a threatening step forward. 'You better run back to where you came from, or you'll regret it'. I told her. She looked at me with a face that was half surprised and half scared, then ran off. "What did you say to her?" Jason asked, sounding impressed.
  6. "I just told her to run back to where she came from or she'll regret it. Now let's leave this place." I said as I pushed him through the crowd of people. Then, some girl caught my attention. She seemed really familiar, but I just couldn't figure out who she was.  "Megan? Hello?" Jason said, waving a hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my trance. "What are you staring at?" "That girl over there." I said, motioning my head towards the girl standing there. "She seems really familiar."  "Well I don't know her." Jason said. "Oh. My. God. Megan is that you?" The girl says, completely shocked to see me.  Then, I all of a sudden remember who this girl is. "Oh my gods, Jasmine?" I said happily, then ran up to her and we both hugged.  "What happened to you, Jake, Alania, and Dakota? One second we were all sitting at our lunch table and then the next you aren't there and there's blood on the floor and wall, the cafeteria is a mess, and some of the kids were on the ground." Jasmine said.  "Sorry, Jaz. But this is one thing a can't tell you." I replied sadly. 
  7. "And what happened to your cloths?" Jasmine asks, now just realizing what I was wearing.  "Umm.... It's a new style I'm trying." I said as I quickly thought of an excuse.  "Okay, but who's that?" She asked, pointing to Jason.  "Oh, this is Jason." I replied.  "More information please." Jaz said sarcastically.  "Well, he has blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and about yea tall." I said sarcastically as I put my hand up to the top of Jason's head.  "No, seriously. How do you know him?" Jasmine asks, her voice serious now.  "We ran into each other on the subway." I replied, thinking of a lie on the spot. Jasmine glares at us suspiciously, but she eventually shrugs it off.  "So where are Jake, Alania, and Dakota?" She finally asks, after an awkward moment of silence.  "Well they're not in Kansas." I said jokingly.
  8. "Megan, we really need to get going." Jason said as he looked at a clock on a building wall that read 4:00PM.  "Okay. It was nice seeing you Jasmine, but I have to leave." I said, then gave her a quick hug, and followed Jason through the massive crowd till we finally got out. But then I realized an issue.  "Jason?" I asked.  "Yeah." Jason said.  "Which way is the airport at?" I asked him.  "It's over..." He trailed off as he looked around, not knowing where the heck he was. "You have absolutely no idea where the airport is, do you?" I said matter-of-factly.  "Nope." Jason confessed. 
  9. "You may not know where it is, but I do." A voice said behind us. Then, I felt something cold touch the base of my neck. Jason didn't seem to notice though, which was weird.  'Make an attempt to run or call out for help, and I'll have my assistant slice your throat.' The voice thought and I knew that it was a girls voice. 'Tell him that you have to go to to bathroom now.'  'No, I'm not gonna say that.' I told her angrily and somewhat annoyed.  'Suit yourself.' She said. Then I could feel the knife against my throat pressing harder against my neck. 'Fine.' I thought and then the knife stopped, but it was still against my neck. 
  10. "Great, so can you tell Jason where the airport is while I go to the bathroom? I really need to go." I told them with a pleading sound in my voice.  Jason sighed before saying, "Fine. But don't take to long."  I nodded and started to walk towards the bathroom. Once I got there, I walked behind it in the woods next to a fountain that gave off mist, so the knife person would reveal itself. It did, and I realized that it was a guy about my age, so he was 15, with light brown hair, deep blue eyes, and was muscular. "What do you want from me?" I practically yelled at him.  "I don't know. I was just told that you were the enemy and we needed to capture you to make you stop trying to destroy the world." He replied, seeming quite sorry that he had to put a knife against my throat.
  11. "How am I the enemy? Why just me?" I asked him, suspiciously.  He shrugged before saying, "Your the most powerful demigod in the world right now." "Whatever, I'm outta here." I told him before I turned around to leave. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and spun me around so I was facing him again.  "Megan, I can't let you leave." He said sounding truly bad for doing this but then, I remembered that he was trying to kidnap me.  "Haven't you been taught to not mess with the most powerful demigod in the world?" I told him, then realized that his hand was around one of my arm rings, and those rings hold the sun's heat in them.  "Megan, just listen to me." He said pleadingly.  "How do you know my name?" I asked him before he could say anything else.  "Everyone knows your name." He replied.  "Why are you doing this? Why can't you let me go?" I asked him, more angry this time, the heat building up.  "I'm being forced to. And if I don't do this then they're going to kill my little sister." He confessed. "Why would they do that?" I asked.  "Because a while ago, me and my sister were running away from home when we found some people camped out in the middle of the woods. We were so hungry and they had food everywhere, so I took some. They found out and threatened to kill my sister, Eva, unless I captured you. I didn't know why they chose me out of everyone else, but they told me about demigods and how me and my sister were one. Please, you have to help me." He told me, but it wasn't the words that he spoke that made me believe him, it was the look in his eyes. It was like his eyes were trying to tell me to understand and believe him, and I did.
  12. "Why would you ask me for help?" I asked him.  "Because you're the most powerful demigod in the world." He told me. "Why are you taking it like it's a curse when it should be received as a gift?"  "Because it is a curse!" I told him, my anger starting to bubble again. "Poseidon and Hermes cursed my dad, Apollo, and made me attract more monsters than everyone else. I've gotten shot in the stomach, I've broken my ankle, I've had memory loss, I've been whipped over hundred times on my back, I've gotten poisoned, I'm like six states away from my friends, and I've even fricken' died!" I practically screamed at him. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you've been through that much." He said, bowing his head. "Well, believe it." I heard a voice say, coming from the fountain. "Now let her go."  We both turned our heads and I saw Jake, Percy, Dakota, Alaina, and Annabeth standing there. I slightly smiled at the way Jake was talking to the guy who wouldn't drop my wrist.  "How long have you been there?" I asked them.  "Long enough, I guess." Dakota said. "Oh and me, Jake, and Alania were claimed last night. I'm a daughter of Ares, Alania is a daughter of Athena, and Jake is a son of Hephaestus." 
  13. "That's great." I said happily, forgetting about the guy next to me.  "Yeah, and who's that?" Percy asked me, pointing to the guy next to me.  "I don't know. Just some guy who wants to capture me." I replied, pretending that it was no big deal.  Five pairs of eyes got really big when I said that. "Well, where's Jason?" Annabeth asked me. "Um.... He's somewhere." I replied, moving my free hand around. "Alright now I'm curious," I said, turning my attention back to the guy, "who are you?"  "My name is Dylan and I'm a son of Hephaestus." He said.  "Alright then." I said, "Oh, and you should probably take your hand of my wrist." I warned him. "Why?" Dylan asked. "So I don't burn it." I replied. He immediately took his hand off my arm and took a step back. I was about to say something to my friends when Jason ran around the corner to where we are, his sword was all bloodied.  "Eww, what happened to you?" I said, pretending to be disgusted. 
  14. "I was kicking some monster ass." Jason replied with a smile on his face. I laughed a little before he asked, "Who's this." While jesturing towards Dylan with his sword.  "Oh, this is Dylan." I told Jason.  "Why is he here?"  "Well.... He wants to capture me." I said awkwardly. "Do you have to make it seem that bad?" Dylan asked me.  "Yeah, it's what I do." I said jokingly.  "So does he want to capture you or not? I'm confused." Jason said.  "He does, but it's for a good cause." I told him, not believing the words that I'm saying as they come out of my mouth, "And I think I might let him capture me."  "What? Megan, you can't do that!" Percy objected. Jason turned to look at them, as if now just noticing they were there.  "Why not?" I challenged him.  "Because, Gaea needs you to make her fully awake from her sleep, and you would be destroying the whole world if you do. I'm sorry that I had to tell you that Gaea needs you to wake up." Percy said. "Oh, I already knew." I said, "but I'm still going."  "Are you crazy?" Dakota asked me. "I think we all know the answer to that one." I told her.  "You don't have to come with me if you don't want to." Dylan told me. "No, I'm going because I have to. I need to save your sister." I told them sternly, "And then once when you have her, I can escape." 
  15. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Oh, and please check out my other series. It's called The Lightning Girl.
  16. Oh, and shout out to Jayla!! Her one comment meant the world to me. I know that less than 10 people are taking this. (I looked at the stats and it says that only 4 people have taken this series). But at least she's writing a comment. So thank you Jayla :).

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