In over my head: Part 2

Hey people! Just decided to add another part since it's pretty easy and all -- I already had everything typed up, so it makes it WAYYYY easier. Anywayss....

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Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. " So, let me get this straight," I sighed, looking up at him with an amused smile, trying to figure him out. " you DON'T have a favorite Billie Eilish song?" " No. I already told you th--" " Listen!" I hissed, stuffing one of my earbuds in his left ear while putting the other in my right one.
  2. 'My Lucifer is lonely Standing there, killing timeCan't commit to anything but a crimePeter's on vacation, an open invitationAnimals, evidencePearly gates look more like a picket fenceOnce you get inside 'emGot friends but can't invite themHills burn in CaliforniaMy turn to ignore yaDon't say I didn't warn yaAll the good girls go to hell'Cause even God herself has enemiesAnd once the water starts to riseAnd heaven's out of sightShe'll want the devil on her team'As I let her words sink in, I could feel the earbud being ripped out of my ear forcefully." Dammit! That was the best part!" I cried out, brows furrowed with narrowed eyes. " Felicity, that stuff isn't really that great. I mean, she's referring to God as a female, not to mention that God wouldn't--" " Hold up, hold up, hold up. You believe in that s---? The whole, higher power thing?' I asked with a crinkled nose."
  3. " It's not a higher power, Felicity. It's God, and yeah, I believe." he shrugged, making me want to hit him. " Well, I don't believe in a god, sorry." " Not a god, THE God." he insisted. Man, he's so set on this whole thing." Max, just saying, I don't believe in that s---. I mean, if there really WAS a God, then why do we go through s---? Huh?" I asked, hand on my hip. " Because, maybe some people respond to it that way. I mean, he wants us all to go to Heaven, so.... if losing all of our worldly possessions helps us get there, then that's what he's gonna make happen." he explained. " So, you're saying, that he has to b---- around and take away people we loved, just to make us change our ways? Cos no offense, but i'd never change my ways. Not after losing my mom."
  4. *** Max's POV *** She's different. One side of me wants to be mad at her for dissing my religion, but the other side? It can't help but feel bad for her. Her mom died, no wonder she's so rebellious. She probably misses her like hell." Felicity, i'm sorry. I'm sorry about your mom, really, I am. But... that's just the way of life."'The way of life!? I'm dying here, talking to this spoiled girl, and I feel bad for HER!? Not for me, but for her!?'" What would you know about the way of life? You most likely haven't lost anyone. You probably have never been made fun off, and most likely? You probably have everyone head over heels worshiping you because you're so damn good." she sighed, looking at me with the most fragile look in her eyes. Almost like she was testing the waters to see what I had to say." I already told you i'm--" I began, stopping. I couldn't tell her. Not yet.I wanted to enjoy this, my last month on earth.And if that meant I couldn't tell this girl yet, then that's what i'd do.Little did I know it'd all come back to haunt me later.
  5. *** Felicity's POV *** He suddenly paused, hazel eyes breaking away from mine. " Felicity, I don't know how you feel, you're right. But i'm here for you, because that's what friends are for." he whispered, slowly taking a scoot closer to me and draping his thin arm around me. For a boy, he had to have the thinnest arms i'd ever felt, but I wasn't going to judge him. I mean, he was TRYING to help. But as soon as those words left his mouth? My breath suddenly hitched." Friends? Who said anything about us being friends?" " Me. You obviously need one, and since i'm here.... i'm offering to be your friend." he shrugged." So, how much does this cost? Hiring a friend?" I asked slowly. " You aren't hiring me, silly. I'm offering to be your friend. This isn't like volunteer work, or anything. Just a guy, asking a girl to be his friend. Is that so wrong?" he asked." Well, when you put it like that, yeah." I smirked, making his cheeks go a bright hue of red. " That's not what I--" " I know, dummy. You didn't mean it like THAT." I laughed. " Yeah, I mean, I couldn't."'Whatever the hell that means.' I shrugged to myself, ignoring him.
  6. *** Max's POV *** She's different, but that's okay. Because she's going to make this month great, I just know it.Hopefully she'll understand.
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