Are you a true Billie Eilish fan? :D

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ArE U A TrUE bIllIe eILiSh fAn? Yay :D 🖤💚🖤💛 Billie for life lol Good luck and I hope you enjoy ma quiz plEASe ENJoY AND RaTE MA QuiZ rEEeEeEEEeEee

I really love Billie Eilish I never met her before though, sad times... sAd tImEs ;w; I listened to all of her songs I can’t choose my favourite ahhhh

Created by: ~OOF_YEET_OOF~
  1. What is her full name?
  2. Does Billie have any siblings, if she does what is his/her name?
  3. What song made Billie Eilish famous?
  4. What song are these lyrics from:Sorry, can’t save me now
  5. What song are these lyrics from:You say, come over baby, I think you’re pretty
  6. What’s Billie Eilish’s favourite movie?
  7. What is her natural hair colour?
  8. Do you know her birthday?
  9. Why does Billie alway wear baggy clothes?
  10. How many instagram followers does Billie Eilish have? (Approximately)
  11. Last but not least: have you met Billie Eilish before?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Billie Eilish fan? :D