What Tribe in Wings of Fire are you?

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It is a good way to find you true personalty for a tribe! I really you may not get what you want but this is supposed to be true. I really hope you enjoy!

Hey Enjoy the quiz. Enjoy your life. Much all my friend and family. Do not start wars. Unless....Well good-bye By the way. Hope you are happy with your results

Created by: Quiz_Time
  1. Are you brave and want power over your people or more...
  2. Do you like other dragons
  3. What tribe do you want
  4. How did you find this quiz
  5. Are you always happy?
  6. Are you likely to be a Goth Boy-Girl
  7. Are you annoying
  8. Do you like Scrolls-Books
  9. Are you someone who likes to be protected?
  10. Do you want to die fighting a army?

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Quiz topic: What Tribe in Wings of Fire am I?