How much do you know about Heathers the Musical

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How much of a Heathers fan are you? Use this quiz to find out and maybe even test your friends (I wish I had those but that is the sacrifice you make for being a Heathers fan) on the skills and then taunt them for getting 0%.

This quiz has questions on the cast, quotes, characters and names and is recommended for any Heathers fan to enjoy. Bye bye because billie is out for today XD

Created by: billie
  1. Who is veronica's best friend?
  2. Who sings blue?
  3. Who plays Veronica in the original cast?
  4. When did the "off Broadway" production begin?
  5. Which is a real quote?
  6. What does JD stand for?
  7. In the school version of the musical what is "why now are you pulling on my d---" replaced with?
  8. What colour is heather duke?
  9. What animal is the piata?
  10. What is the first song in the musical?

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