Music quiz and all that jazz

My motive in creating this quiz was that I love music so much. Music is a very big part of my life now and I thought I would share that with everybody else through knowledge and trivia.

My quiz is a good way to learn new musical skills and musical trivia questions. After you take this quiz you can ask your friends fun questions about music.

Created by: Grace Edwardd

  1. In singing soul fesh Do is what position with your hand?
  2. Which is not a orchestra stringed instrument
  3. What would you find in a marching band?
  4. What is the musical scale in soul fesh ?
  5. When looking at a line of music the bottom line on the scale is the note ______?
  6. How many places are there to put your fingers on the top of the trumpet?
  7. On the scale in order from top to bottom what are the line notes?
  8. What is an oboe similar to?
  9. If there are Four notes in each measure and therefore measures them what is the time signature?
  10. What type of read does oboe have?

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