Jazz & Swing

Jazz and swing music were synonymous with the World War II era and culture. This quiz covers jazz and swing from the 1920's through the 1940's, including artists and terminology.

These 14 questions will tell you just how swingin' you really are. Do you know your stuff when it comes to jazz and swing? Are you a Jitterbug or an Ick??

Created by: Jessica

  1. All of the following played in Count Basie's band EXCEPT:
  2. What instrument is Sidney Bechet BEST known for playing?
  3. What was unique about Frankie Trumbauer?
  4. Duke Ellington's performance at the Newport Jazz Festival was notable due to the 27-chorus saxophone solo. Who was the soloist that played it?
  5. What instrument is Count Basie known for playing?
  6. Who played piano on "West End Blues" with Louis Armstrong?
  7. All of these were key aspects of Bix Beiderbecke's style EXCEPT:
  8. "Jungle Sounds" was a term that came about from the growling sounds of what artist?
  9. Who is credited with starting "The Big Noise" in jazz?
  10. What does "The Big Four" refer to?
  11. All of these artists played tenor saxophone EXCEPT:
  12. Louis Armstrong said he would never cover Bix Beiderbecke's "Singin' the Blues." Why?
  13. Which of the following musicians was blind?
  14. Who wrote the classic swing anthem "Sing, Sing, Sing?"

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