Are you good at jazz (dance)

There are jazz people but they can not be geniuses. Do you know what these answers will be in the quiz? I hope you do. And answer good. There are some tricky questions

Ready for my quiz? It's about fun. Are you ready for the score. Maybe you got more. Are you ready to start. The clocks ticking for you to shine in the sun. Only if you get more than 88%

Created by: JoJo30

  1. What are three main types of turns?
  2. What do you do before a prep turn? How do you prepare?
  3. What is a middle split leap?
  4. Name two hand names.
  5. What is a leg catch?
  6. Should you always point your feet?
  7. What is a chanae?
  8. Skip jumps what are they?
  9. Where does your toe go when your doing a pika turn?
  10. Are you gonna comment? You better.
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Are you gonna rate
  13. 2 more questions. Not including this one.
  14. What level in jazz do you usually start Leg catch turns.
  15. Last question. Is it going to rain.
  16. Haha Tricked you one more quetion.

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Quiz topic: Am I good at jazz (dance)