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Jazz has been described as "America's classical music", "America's home-grown art form", etc. It is the only style of music that has enjoyed a continuous fan base ever since its creation at the beginning of the last century. Jazz history and performance are taught in schools, nearly every city has a jazz radio station, and it has gained true worldwide recognition as a music that is uniquely American.

Whether you're a hobbyist, a musician, a jazz educator, or just a music fan in general, here's your chance to test your knowledge of Jazz Music and Jazz History.

Created by: Pete Petersen
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  1. Complete the following sentence: "Jazz is..."
  2. The book "Music is my Mistress" is the autobiography of what famous jazz musician?
  3. What Miles Davis album is considered an important and pivotal contribution to music?
  4. John Coltrane was arguably the greatest tenor player who ever lived. Who were two of HIS major influences?
  5. Who was the jazz trumpeter who helped coin the term "bebop"?
  6. Jazz is best characterized by the use of the following musical elements:
  7. What is Louis Armstrong's nickname (the name he preferred, not the name given him by others)
  8. Clifford Brown died from...
  9. Sax players who want to play like Bird should...
  10. The producer of the famous "Jazz At The Philharmonic" recordings was:
  11. Sun Ra, a.k.a. Herman Blount, claimed that his music was not from earth but from:
  12. Don Ellis's music is best known by what characteristic
  13. The nickname "Pres" was given to which saxophonist?
  14. Referring to the previous question: the name "Pres" was given to him because:
  15. Of the following jazz musicians, which one is NOT a scientologist?
  16. Many of the songs that were "hits" for Benny Goodman during the Swing Era, were actually written/arranged by what other bandleader?
  17. "Fusion" is a style of music that blends what other two styles?
  18. "Acid Jazz" blends what two styles of music?
  19. "Smooth Jazz" is actually closer to what other style of music
  20. Duke Ellington's songwriting partner was:
  21. Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker were part of what movement in Jazz?
  22. Which artist was known for bringing Calypso music to modern jazz?
  23. What jazz drummer was the leader of the group "The Jazz Messengers"?

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