Would you rather...

How good of a person are you? How much would you sacrifice for the ones you love? Would you sacrifice anything at all? Would you help a total stranger? Are you prepared to look into yourself and find out what you are truly made of?

Do you lead from the heart or the head? Do you feel the happiness of others is more important than your own or do you believe that self-preservation is the utmost in importance? Could you be "good" or "bad"? Want to find out?

Created by: rebecca elder

  1. Would you rather save yourself from a burning plane crash or save an innocent child before the plane explodes?
  2. Would you rather take care of ailing, bed-ridden parent or send them off to a nursing home?
  3. Would you rather pay $200 to save a dog from euthanasia or spend the money on a nice new outfit?
  4. Would you rather take on the curse of being blind so that you could save a child's eyesight or keep your eyesight and let the child be blind?
  5. Would you rather look in a crystal ball and see the date and time of your death or that of a good friend?
  6. Would you rather be faced with saving the life of your spouse or the life of your sibling?
  7. Would you rather sacrifice your time to a homeless shelter or go partying with friends?
  8. Would you rather develop a cure for cancer or inherit 100 million dollars?
  9. Would you rather look into the future and see your death or that of your family?
  10. Would you rather die young so your spouse could live a long, happy life to a ripe old age or vice versa?

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