What Would you Do?

Do you wanna know if you're a giving person? Do people deny you on how much you sacrifice to others? Take this quiz and show off good scores to people who deny you.

Are you smart with politics and who you put first in stick situations? Take this quiz and find out who you really are. Smart or not very smart. Find out now!

Created by: Tech

  1. Would you save someone elses life if it meant it would take yours?
  2. Would you give up a seat on a bus to someone who needs it more?
  3. Who would you let in a door to a building first?
  4. Do you do any of the following while you drive?
  5. Would you help a stranger change their tire?
  6. Would you volunteer in any of the following?
  7. Would you donate $20 to an animal shelter through a telemarketer?
  8. What would you do first, if someone came up and punched you?
  9. What would you do if your car broke down and you were stuck in the middle of the highway unable to move the car?
  10. Would you vote YES for higher taxes for the rich?

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