Fabulous Equestrian, or Wannabe?

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Are you a true equestrian? Are you bored and depressed of equine deprivation? Just...wondering if you're a horse person? Or, are you surfing the web? In any case, welcome! Bonjour! Willkommen! Benvenuto!

A side note: If you're someone who loves animals, donate to a rescue! Donate to a program like them and help animals everywhere. Or just volunteer at your local shelter or rescue, or adopt to save animals from being euthanized :)

Created by: EquineFreak
  1. Have you ever ridden a horse? (If you haven't...really, try taking a lesson. It's fabulous!)
  2. If you've ridden a horse, have you fallen off? (I haven't, yet. Waiting for that magical moment :D)
  3. For those who haven't ridden horses, why don't you try to ride?
  4. True or false: Equine deprivation makes you insane and depressed
  5. Would you rather:Just ride and not groom/tack up/muck stalls/clean tack?Or do every little thing required to make the horse you ride/you horse happy and clean?
  6. Horses are the best friend in my life
  7. I must look presentable when going to my horse/the horse I ride
  8. Do you play online horse games?
  9. Now some fairly easy knowledge tests lol
  10. Can horses throw up/burp?
  11. The leading cause of death in horses is:
  12. If a horse is running/bolting, you should:
  13. A stud chain is used for:
  14. Hackamores:
  15. Horses prefer ________ flavors
  16. M'kay, last question. Which of these have you watched?

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