What Equestrian Discipline Would Your Horse Be Good At?

There are many horse disciplines and sports. I was motivated to create this quiz since all other quizzes about Equestrianism are judged on the rider, not the horse.Feel free to take this quiz as many times as you want. Many times horses change, plus you might have more than one horse! Maybe you'll get what you already do. Maybe not. There's only one way to find out! This quiz is great to see what your horse/s would have fun in!

I hope you like this quiz. I don't really care though if you liked it or not, just please keep the comments clean. All ages of players are on here. Enjoy!

Created by: Fagan1
  1. When you turn your horse out in the jumping arena, he/she jumps how many jumps?
  2. Your horse seems to enjoy the style you ride.
  3. In his/her paddock you can see your horse...
  4. On the Body Mass Index (BMI) Scale, your horse ranks what? Note: 1 and 5 are not done because your horse needs a vet now! If it's the case.
  5. What special tack can your horse be ridden in SUCCESSFULLY?
  6. You keep your horse where?
  7. If you compete, what have you won a blue ribbon/s in?
  8. Which best describes your horse in one word?
  9. Which of the common "groups" does your horse or pony best fit in?
  10. What best describes your horses physique?
  11. How does your horse rank in the herd?
  12. Will you congratulate Fagan1 on Howrse? (No effect, I promise)

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Quiz topic: What Equestrian Discipline Would my Horse Be Good At?