The ultimate horse selector quiz

Hi guys and gals! I was getting angry with all the bad quiz out on they web that didn't have any good answers or questions for finding the right horse. That is why I made this:) since you can only use ten outcomes, I only used the paint, appy, Arabian, quarter, Hanoverian, and some others. I tried to include a horse for every discipline.

This quiz should only be used as a reference. Serious thought should be made when selecting a horse breed for you. I have had many many years experience with horse and hope this will help guide you. Good luck!

Created by: Horzeluver91
  1. How long have you been riding?
  2. What kind of riding( if any) do you do?
  3. How tall or short would you like your horse to be?
  4. Are you willing to pay high prices for this horse?
  5. Are you an experienced horse owner?
  6. How tall are you?
  7. Will you be showing this horse?
  8. Where will your horse live?
  9. Will your horse go on trail rides?
  10. What will the horse eat?

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