What Horse/Pony Breed Are You???

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What is a horse? Well, many people (known as horse lovers) think they are the best things in the whole world! If you are a horse lover, or just horse mad, you must do this quiz!

Have you ever wondered what horse breed YOU could be? You never know, you could one day own your perfect breed of horse thanks to this quiz! Just select the answer that suits you and you'll find out!

Created by: 45ampoo1

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  1. What's Your Favourite Colour?
  2. How Often Do You Go Horse Riding?
  3. If you were a riding school pony and your rider was tensed up and giving you a tight reign, what would you do?
  4. You are entering in a show, which event would you choose to take part in?
  5. If you had a horse/pony, what would you do with him in your spare time?
  6. A cute boy/girl has joined your riding lesson and he/she has offered to help out at the yard at the same time as you do, what would you do on the day?
  7. What's your wardrobe made of?
  8. What's your Favourite thing to do in a riding lesson?
  9. What's your Favourite school subject?
  10. If you won £1,000,000, what would you spend it on?
  11. What's your Favourite horse colour?

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Quiz topic: What Horse/Pony Breed am I???