Bored and Curious? Me Too.

Here's the deal... I couldn't sleep so I decided to make a little test to see who knows me and who doesn't. I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. It's not easy. You get no hints & it's timed. Ready? GO!!

Ok, that part about it being timed was a lie. But I swear all the correct answers are an available choice. If you score 70% or higher you'll get to see a cartoon of me dancing. Ok, that part's a lie too. You get nothing. But do it anyway. You're bored. C'mon.

Created by: Amy Love

  1. What is my phone number?
  2. What is my favorite food?
  3. What do I hate most?
  4. What is my favorite day of the week?
  5. What is my nickname for my cat, Kaity?
  6. What was my first job?
  7. What is my favorite feature of myself?
  8. Which band boasts my favorite lyric?
  9. What is my favorite cartoon?
  10. Where is my safe place?
  11. What is my favorite flavor?
  12. What movie do I watch when I'm sick?
  13. What will I never do in front of people?
  14. What number is printed on the back of half of my sleep shirts?
  15. What do I almost never leave home without?
  16. What is my drink of choice?
  17. After what party did I call out of work?
  18. What sound makes me the most angry?

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