Is she into you?

Im guessing since you are taking this quiz you are either bored or are truely curious as to wether she likes you or not. So i must say be will have a better outcome.

Does she really like you? Was that little glimmer in her eye a sign? Now its up to you to find out. Its been lingering in your mind for ages and your ready to crack the do it... Go on, you know you wanna take it.

Created by: Lexis Marie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. you see her walking down the hall and she catches your glance what does she do?
  2. Do her friends often watch you when shes not around?
  3. does she ever talk to you about being commited in a relationship?
  4. whats the nicest thing she has ever said to you?
  5. Is she blonde or brunette?
  6. is she a trustworthy person?
  7. does she buy you more meaningful presents on holidays than what she gives to others?
  8. does she make time to hang out with you...?
  9. what does she do when she sees you?
  10. does she ever bring up soemthing you guys were talking about earlier in a different conversation?

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